Taylor Swift has been releasing songs one by one to tie fans over until the release of her fifth album on the 28th October, and the third track to be released from 1989hit iTunes today. 
‘Welcome to New York’, the first song on the album inspired by Swift’s own move to the big city in April of this year, continues in the new pop sound Swift seems to be exploring on 1989, following the already huge hits ‘Shake it Off’ and ‘Out of the Woods’. 

My immediate reaction from the first few bars of Welcome to New York is that its not a sound we’re used to hearing from Swift – a pop drum pattern and synthesiser melody opens the song where we would usually expect acoustic guitar in former albums.  It is however, in true Taylor Swift style, a seriously catchy song, one that could very well become the hit single off the album. 
‘It’s a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat’
As well as reflecting her move to the big city, Swift in ‘Welcome’ is aware of this new experiment in the pop genre, and presents the cliché of ‘moving to New York’ as a mirroring of her moving between genres from past country albums which have formed her brand.  It’s almost as if Swift is starting the album with such a huge change, a move to a big new city as well as a transition into a new genre with a pop album as a new chapter in her life. 
“I wanted to start the album with this song because New York has been an important landscape and location for the story of my life in the last couple of years,” Swift told Good Morning America.
The titles released so far can also be read as a story.  So far we have seen Taylor Swift ‘Shake it Off’ right ‘Out of the Woods’, and now she is ‘Moving to New York’.  This album is definitely going to mark a new stage in Swifts career, and so far the titles have told the narrative of her moving away from the critics and country roots to a new city to produce an album completely in a new genre. 
After Moving to New York, I can’t wait to hear what the next chapter of 1989 has to tell in this new stage of Swift’s career.

Listen to the track below: