Dami Im shines on her first solo album…

Dami Im proves she is worthy on her first real album ‘Heart Beats’ (as her first album was covers from her time on X Factor Australia).

Dami’s voice is something else, and the songs on this album have huge potential too smash charts alike.

‘Gladiator’, one of her singles off the album has already proved a relative hit on Aussie radio-airwaves, and there’s more where that came from. The album features a collection of stunning tracks like ‘Living Dangerously’ and ‘One More Time’ which prove Dami can put out tracks which can take on radio pop standards.

There’s not one track that I could bash either with each track having its own merits, some although shine more than others.

‘Heart Beats’ works as it proves to be a record that reveals Dami Im, both emotionally and personally. She evokes and inspires confidence, courage and gratefulness. Dami knows what she wants on this album, and it resonates soundly throughout the album.

VERDICT: Dami Im proves she’s got what it takes to compete in the pop music market, and ‘Heart Beats’ is just the beginning of a promising career for this pure talent.

Best Tracks: Gladiator, Living Dangerously, One More Time, Beautiful, Without You.

Overall Rating:

Listen to Dami’s current hit single ‘Gladiator’ below:

– Shahbaz Malik


One thought on “Dami Im – ‘Heart Beats’ (Album Review)”

  1. Dami Im new album is a huge hit in my house – she brings a Master quality to the Pop world – that is awesome. I just love the unique edge that Dami's voice and training puts on all the diverse genres.
    'One More Time' is totally my new favorite Dance song. I honestly can't stop moving to this song. We need a longer Club version of this for all us dancers.
    'The Hunger' is deeply meaningful and rare subject matter. I love the way Dami attacks human issues head on. Another unique driving and inspiring sound.
    What can I say about 'Heart So Dry' .. hauntingly penetrating, compelling, moving, and again a unique style only Dami can bring. Longer version PLEASE!

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