Arrow – S4 E3 Recap – Corto Maltese

So still not having forgiven the show Arrow for the death of Sarah (proto Black Canary in the show) it appears they are trying to win back my forgiveness by bringing back Miss Thea Queen. It’s a start show, but that hurt still runs deep.

This episode is all about showing the paths characters are heading down, Laurel going to be taking up her sister’s mantle and Thea following down Malcolm’s path.

Oliver and company travel to Corto Maltese to track down Thea, who has been training with Malcom Merlin to no longer fell pain. However they have a side mission, an Argus agent has gone dark and Diggle is trying to track him down.

As that gets underway we see Felicity FINALLY get the office and respect she deserves, I am totally on board with Oliver no longer being CEO. He’s a great superhero but a shitty businessman and should be responsible for a company that no doubt employees around a thousand or so people. (Bruce Wayne I’m looking at you too for that).

So Felicity now has Oliver’s old office and her own EA, while Laurel has decided that she is going to use her self defence training to stop a domestic abuse situation which the law can’t touch because the information came from an AA meeting.

Unfortunately it doesn’t end well for her.

Diggle and Oliver manage to catch the rogue agent who brings up some serious questions about Argus. Considering how un-wall-like Amanda Waller has been the last two seasons I’m glad it looks to be building to some Argus revelations as she was always an ‘ends justify the means’ kind of person.

Thea is also convinced to come home with a final act of honest by Oliver, hearing that their father killed himself to save Oliver when there weren’t enough supplies. However we see that as she is able to ignore a burn her training with Malcom has taken hold somewhat.

I’m excited to see Laurel continuing on her path to become Black Canary, as well as what happens to Thea. Considering her relationship with Roy I’m wondering if they are taking her in a villain direction towards Cheshire.

Oh and Nyssa al Ghul shows up at the end, angry at trying to find Sarah, my guess is she’ll be even angrier when she finds out what happened.