Arrow Recap Season 3 Episode 4 ‘The Magician’

Ok, before I get to the re-cap I feel the need to say… enough fooling around guys. Where’s the real Ra’s al Ghul?

You better be setting up some kind of Iron Man 3 twist with this guy and he’s just an actor while the real Ra’s is off doing important evil sinister things.

Just had to get that off my chest first.

Now, back to the episode. This one picks up where we left off with Nyssa (still not Talia) confronting Oliver about what happened with Sarah.


Nyssa goes to mourn Sarah at her grave and runs into Laurel, they chew each other out for a bit. Nothing much is accomplished.

Thea and Oliver meet up  and we find out that she is trying to get her bar back up and running, which is great as she was doing really well managing Verdant. Aside from this not much is accomplished.

Nyssa and Oliver agree to team up and find Sarah’s killer, I’m surprised how much seems to be happening without much actually… happening. Seems to be a very character development heavy episode. Which I’m a little bit disappointed after last episode.

Oliver FINALLY learns that Malcolm Merlyn is alive and they track him down, throughout the episode there seems to be some idealogical debate going on about whether or not Oliver should break his vows about killing and if allowing Nyssa to kill is breaking them.

This is a really great little dilemma for Oliver to face, the execution however feels a little clunky. After Merlyn outwits Oliver (although there is no explanation to how) and swears on Thea’s life that he didn’t kill Sarah Oliver lets him go. Nyssa doesn’t take this well and decides to kidnap Thea to force Merlyn into the open. Oliver, Nyssa and Malcolm all in their hoods fight, it’s a great fight although I wish the camera would let us see more of it.

Merlyn suggests that Ra’s is the one who had Sarah killed and Oliver makes the decision to not only let him go but declare that as long as he is in Starling City he is under his protection. Nyssa… does not take it well.

Thea is letting Roy back into her life as a friend however is still keeping her knowledge about Merlyn secret. Nyssa appears to give Laurel her blessing to take on Sarah’s mantle despite she had already claimed her unworthy of Sarah’s leather Jacket.

Nyssa then returns to her father… and. we. witness. the WORST MOMENT OF ARROW.

It was odd enough when the Australian Deathstroke sounded Kiwi but now we have the Middle Eastern Ra’s al Ghul sounding Australian???
So many levels of does not work with this, not to mention the fact that he really just doesn’t have the stage prescence to carry of Ra’s The Demon.
Perhaps he will get better in latter episodes, but for now, this was an episode with a whole lot of nothing and one really, really frustratingly underwhelming reveal.