Tove Lo: “Queen of the Clouds” Album Review

“Queen of the Clouds” is the 2014 debut album of Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo.

You’ll know her as the girl from the Habits (Stay High) film-clip. This song is actually a remix, and is included as bonus track on the album. The original Habits is much less catchy and way more explicit which is probably why the re-boot was more successful.

Most of the songs on this album are in the same vein. There’s nothing particularly deep going on lyrically, except for a few tracks such as Not on Drugs and Moments. This album is best suited to parties, clubs and the like as its synth sounds and heavy dance beats demand you dance along. Vocally, it’s quite expressive although it would be interesting to see more of this singer’s range.

For fans of Ladyhawke, Marina and the Diamonds, and even Katy Perry, keep an eye on this artist as I suspect her future works will only get better as she solidifies her style.