Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Film Review

The turtles are back for one big generic rehash…

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While this film may only be produced by Michael Bay, it certainly is something straight out of his book as it’s all action, no story.
Yep, Ninja Turtles has been given the typical modern generic Hollywood blockbuster treatment..
The story (if you can say there is any) revolves around April O’Neil discovering that her childhood pets have become mutant ninja turtles… and of course no-one believes her! I mean would you believe that a bunch of human-like turtle heroes are going around saving New York?…
Everything after April’s struggle to prove their real kind of falls flat, yes there are a few laughs here and there with the turtles sometimes displaying the classic turtles we fell in love with in the 90’s… Pizza, jokes and plain goofiness. 
But it’s not enough to keep us hooked as it’s really just one battle after the other. Maybe I’m getting too old for this though, as I’ve seen so much of this in Hollywood films these days that I just don’t enjoy it like I use to. Kids will probably be fascinated by it, but adults alike and childhood lovers may feel a little left out. 
Even when the film shows signs of actually developing, it again moves into another fight sequence. At one point a major revelation is revealed for Fox’s character and is later thrown under the carpet, with no mention again whatsoever. Will Arnett, who plays April’s journalist assistant Vernon, surprisingly had good chemistry with Fox in the little scenes they had together, but was also heavily under-utilised.

April (Megan Fox) alongside her over-sized mutant pet turtles.
Megan Fox is although fun here, and was surprisingly utilised to full potential. I just wish their was greater development for her though, and greater interaction with her human counterparts (particularly her interactions with Whoopi Goldberg). Her journalism struggle was also something that needed greater light, it could of added something more to the basic plot-line we were actually given. 
VERDICT: At times entertaining, 2014’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles proves to be a whole-lotta action with little story to tell.
Adults be wary, this is strictly one for the kiddies. 
Overall Rating: