Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale “Smoke and Mirrors” Recap

Teen Wolf’s rocky fourth season came to a promising end…

Laters Peter… It’s been bubbling since season 3, but Peter’s true intentions were finally revealed! Leading to a showdown with his protege Scott. The battle was pure epic-ness, from the reveal to Scott gaining the strength to take him out.. comeplete with an upper-cut slow-mo knockout.
And now Peter’s locked up with wolfsbane with a strange ugly 3 eye-balled guy for a cellmate. (a Cyclops?)
Argents say goodbye… Without Allison, Chris Argent felt like a lost guy this season as he battled his emotions and inner perceptions of who is the real enemy. 
The finale finally showed his true evolution and utter dedication to Scott and his friends, when he came face-to-face with his sister Kate. For a second though, I thought Chris would be dead as he was in a bad state when facing her.. but luckily he lived to see another day.
Adios Argents, as Chris revealed he will be joining in the Caliveras hunt to capture Kate for good. I wouldn’t mind having Chris back for a bit, but Kate needs to stay away. Plus, there’s nothing left for these characters on the show as the show heads towards a new direction.
Malia finds her place… When it comes to family, Malia is at odds as she tries to find her mother (The Desert Wolf) along with having an evil and derranged father named Peter.
But last night we saw her find solace with Stiles and her dad (awww!). I’ve actually grown to like Malia with Stiles, and look forward to seeing her more apart of the Stilinski clan next season.
Scott and his pack are stronger than ever… Kira tried to break Scott’s Berseker spell, but instead ended up all bloody. But this than led to her learning to heal on her own and becoming a true Kitsune.

And new wolf member Liam (who helped Scott back into his true form), also learned to control his abilities thanks to Derek and Stiles. Scott and Stiles also promised their coach that they’ll look after him too.

It’s nice to have him officially part of the team for season five as we’e lost enough wolfves in the past *cough* Isaac.

Derek transforms… For a moment there, it seemed as if Derek was dead. I didn’t buy it though, I mean how can the show function without the eye-candy, that is Derek Hale? It also seemed very anti-emotional as Braeden also didn’t seem to devastated.

He then returned in full black-wolf form and took out Kate, before morphing back into his naked self (fan-service at its best!).

Parrish and Lydia a new team?… Mason and Lydia helped each other out this episode, and it was hilarious! I mean them both trying to take on the Bersekers with baseball bats?!

It was Sheriff Stilinski who did save them in the end though. Lydia also in the end confronted Deputy Parrish with a book, and vowed to help him figure out who he is. My bets are still on him being a Phoenix though..

And did anyone else feel that these two may develop a romance next season too?

SEASON VERDIT: Season four had its ups and downs as it started off promising and ended up faltering mid-way. There was far too many confusing plot-lines, characters and just down right absurd reveals. 
But despite this, the show managed to get its act back together for the finale and put to rest back-burning stories.

It’s exciting to see where Teen Wolf will go next season, as it has the framework to re-invent itself and start of fresh.

Teen Wolf returns in 2015.