Revenge returns with a promisingly strong start…

The Hamptons may have changed, but it’s still just as juicy than ever.

Take a look at the episode highlights:

Emily is lost… Now that her revenge agenda is done with, Emily is afraid of letting go of her blood-thirsty ways.

We saw her tonight try to mask her pain of losing Aiden, and all those that she loved.

I love when Revenge taps into the psychology and emotions of humans, especially in terms of coping with death and grief. This was the very moment when payback was served by Emily to help newcomer Nancy, but she revealed that is not what she wanted as hate is a useless emotion and that no matter what we do, our loved ones will not return.

Plus, this than led to an emotional and touching scene between Nemily, as Nolan confronted her on her current damaged personal crisis.

Queen V escapes… Victoria never fails to entertain, even when she’s locked up in a prison-like mental ward.

She of course has made allies during the six-month time jump, but of course only for her own gain.

Plus, only a queen can actually get a personal assistant to do all the dirty work. I’m wondering if Vic must repay her somehow, I mean why would she want to help her?

But thanks to a crazy lady and her umbrella too, she was able to escape and return to take down Emily.

But, will Victoria turn over a new leaf this season and help that poor girl she met in the mental institution? She seemed to relatively have made a bond with her.

David Clarke reveals himself to… Victoria? Wow, did not see that coming. I was in a state of excitement and shock when he grabbed her, Vic’s reaction was priceless – it was both a mixture of horror and pleasure.

As to why he chose her, we will have to wait. I also read a few fan theories that David may not have revealed himself to Emily due to confusion over Faux Amanda’s death. Could he be thinking she may have died? …. Next week, where are you please?!

Charlotte on yet another downward spiral… Why, oh why must Charlotte always be in the same situations. Now she has become the victim of Margaux’s brother, Gideon who also framed Daniel last season finale by over-dosing a poor young girl.

Nolan interjected though, and now Margaux is on the hunt to help now-broke Daniel (whom she abandoned during the time-jump) bring down her brother. Oh, I also loved seeing Emily bond with Margaux over dating ‘the most hated man of the nation’s son’.

Jack the cop… Yeah, this is strange. But we also saw him continue his struggle with Charlotte, who seems to be doing all her crazy-antics to get back at him.

Maybe all this will end next week though. (see the promo below)

Plus, what do you think of his cop partner, Ben? His eyes already seemed to be set on Emily. *hint hint*

VERDICT: I’m happy with the new direction the show has taken, as it makes for some dev-ishly good drama. Let’s just hope the Revenge writers can keep this momentum throughout the entire season.

Judging by next week’s promo, there’s no sign of slowing down. Check it out below!