Ariana Grande & Chris Brown’s Unreleased Music Video “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” Leaks Online

Yes, that scrapped Ariana Grande and Chris Brown track actually had a music video to go along with it…

Ariana and Chris, along with crew members on the set of the scrapped video.

Chris Brown‘s latest album X, was originally supposed to feature a collab with Ariana Grande, but was instead scrapped.

While the track ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’ is still on the final cut of the album, Ariana’s vocals have been removed and replaced with similar sounding backing vocals.

It’s unclear why such a decision was made. Some say it was to help not hinder Ariana’s image, while others simply say she just didn’t fit the albums style.

But never fear, the music video (which was actually filmed) has fortunatley made its way online.

The video depicts Ariana and Chris as torn-apart fairytale lovers, trying to make their way back to each other.  It’s a shame it was canned though, as the video was beautifully shot.

Watch it below:

-Shahbaz Malik.