True Blood’s penultimate episode delivers in setting up the final goodbye…


Jess fulfils her destiny… Jess reclaimed what was hers before turning into a vampire by reuniting with Hoyt. And to conceal the re-union, what better way then finally having hot steamy sex!

Bridget and Jason .. After last weeks episode I sensed these two would get together after Jason’s crazy ex was killed.

Bridget saw past his sexual facade, and comforted Jason over Hoyt’s angry words after Jason worked his magic in helping Bridget with an airline woman (only Jason knows best to manipulate the female species). Plus Jason got all intimate this time, instead of the usual mindless animal sex.

I sense these two will get a happy ending, and possibly have kids together? #fingerscrossed

Sookie’s heartbreak.. Bill went through with his decision to not take the cure. While some might say it’s selfish, I think it’s rather courageous. I mean who would want to live forever? There’s always a beauty in beginnings and endings, and Bill wants Sookie to move on away from the darkness.

But is this really goodbye? We didn’t see Bill bite the dust tonight, but all will be revealed in next week’s final.

Eric in a desperate situation… Poor Pamela being the constant victim in order to make Eric’s decisions, this time he had to reveal the truth of others knowing about the cure! And now the assasin mafia is headed for Bill and Sookie (if Eric did tell their location).

Bill also tonight seems to have made Eric have the same mind-set when it comes to Sookie, as he refused to go inside when she offered. Afterall Eric and Bill only want whats best for Sookie and it looks like Eric will follow through with Bill’s wishes.

Ginger gets what she wants… and falls to sleep.

Eric finally gave her what she’s craved forever, even though she was Hep V infected. It was hilarious seeing her just get a little touch of intimacy from Eric before she got all she needed.

While Eric said his immune to Hep V, I can’t remember that being revealed before.. Has Eric gave up his thirst of life if he was lying, and meet the same fate as Bill?

Overall Rating:

It’s the end of HBO’s blood-sucking drama, so take a look at the final ever promo for True Blood:

– Shahbaz Malik