True to the end, or a changed style?…

Sookie digs deep… It wouldn’t be a series finale without some nods to the past, as we saw Sookie try her best to let go of Bill.

We saw her back in the kitchen with grandma Stackhouse and her best friend Tara as kids talking on their future life. Her grandmas delivered Sookie something that stuck throughout the episode, in that we should never limit ourselves as we are all capable of achieving what life has to offer.

Both great advice for Sookie and a warming message for us viewers. This, and Reverend Daniels comforting Sookie on being exactly who God intended were some great messages of the night.

Wedding bells... Although quite rushed and random, it was a necessary plot device for Bill to experience more of life before leaving the earth for good.

Jessica and Hoyt’s happiness also served as a double purpose, in that it made Sookie realise what life can give her, if she just let it.

The Flashforward

New Blood: Eric and Pamela ended up together in the end, in a new business under Fangtasia. The distribution of ‘New Blood’. It was a kind of corny end, but still kind of fun.

It’s all thanks to Eric ditching Mr.Gus and his assassin army, along with saving Sookie from being hunted by assassinating them (how hilarious was that chilled driving scene with Eric?) as he took Sarah Newlin (aka The Cure) for his own.

Pamela even got her fill of the cure before the flash-forward, as Sarah tried to persuade her into a lesbian love affair (which of course didn’t work).

Bridget & Jason… Go Jason! Love these two together, as both catered to the others needs and in the end fulfilled each others life wishes of having kids.

It was also nice to see Sookie actually approve of her, which goes to show that Bridget is Jason’s true soulmate.

Also thank you True Blood, for giving us some final brother and sister moments too.. it’s been a while since we got them confiding together on the show.

Lafayette is happy.. Wish we got more from him in the final episode, but at least we got to see that he finally got his happiness.

Sookie lives out Bill’s wishes… Once burying Bill (RIP Bill Compton), Sookie than left the graveyard for the last time.

We then saw her once again throwing an outside dinner, with a baby bump and looking as happy then ever.  That’s not all though, as Sookie in the end kissed a new bearded man, who we can assume to be her husband. It was a nice little touch to learn that she actually had a normal life after Bill.

There was also other tiny nods to other characters too (including Sam back with his family) which should of appeased to True Blood fans.

It was quite strange that for a show that was quite untraditional, had a very traditional send-off. As Bill would put it, everything has to come to an end eventually in order to go out gracefully.

Rest easy True Blood.

Overall Rating: