Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 “Perishable” Recap

Teen Wolf went all out this week, and maybe just a tad overboard.


And The Benefactor is… Meredith?

Thought she was dead, but we were wrong… I’m assuming she just wants revenge for her wrong-doings and judging from next week’s promo she seems just a crazy list obsessed killer.

Oh and it was Lydia and her grandmother that pushed this girl into insanity. I feel sorry for Lydia as she feels guilty of the path she has taken, but maybe this will change next week?

Detective Parrish is supernatural? Talk about surprises, we all knew something was supernatural about him after appearing on the deadpool-list for 5K (yeah, not 5 dollars).

We saw him killed by another fellow Deputy for a quick cash-in, but boy did he regret it as Parrish came back all hot in black ash and completely nude to get his revenge.

One theory right now, goes by the word Phoenix. Take what you must from that…

Drunken times, or music high? Malia, Liam got drunk and later united as a team with Scott after a presumedly drunken bonfire, except it was some crazy-ass music disturbing their minds.

Thankfully, Derek came to the rescue.. Aww, don’t you just love him looking out for Scott. But yes, we need some more info on this drug-inducing music though…

Stydia or Stalia.. We all love when Stiles and Lydia are together, as it’s just classic Teen Wolf. I mean Stalia is still awesome, but Lydia shares a greater history with our loveable geeky Stiles. Seeing him get all protective over her and getting all mystery.inc Stydia again proves just why we love these two together!

List confusion.. What is going on?! Derek has been removed, and the list has changed. A current theory surfacing amongst Wolfies is because his losing his supernatural powers.

Perhaps Kate was actually protecting Derek to get off the list? Does this mean she’s still crushing over Derek then? If she is, gurl has some competition.


Next episode airs a day early due to the MVMA’s, watch the promo below:
– Shahbaz Malik