Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 7 “Weaponized” Review

The hit list grows, but so does the confusion…

Is it just me or is Teen Wolf more out of whack than usual? There is so many stories going on, which feel quite random at times. 
Let’s try to make sense of this weeks instalment:
Virus.. This felt quite abrupt, with the school suddenly getting a virus outbreak during PSAT. It flowed with the Deadpool list as the assassins continue to hunt down the supernatural of Beacon Hills. 
This time it was by the exam runner who nearly shot Stiles, but thankfully Scott’s dad came to the rescue!
Malia learns the truth… Malia finally learned her connection to the Hales after seeing her name on the deadpool list. She doesn’t seem to happy, and Stiles looks lost for words…
But wait till she learns that Peter is actually her father after afterall. Bring on next week!
Wolf pack unite… It was quite a scene to see the supernatural friends unite during the effects of the virus, but Liam was missing this week and was quite noticeable as we got used to seeing him grace our screens on the show. Good job there TW writers for making us become accustomed to him already, he also does make the void Jackson left full again.
Lydia’s guilt… Poor Lydia, it seems she pushed Madison over the edge last week and continues to feel the guilt this week as she tried to regain contact with her. I’m sure there was more to her death though, than simply demanding answers. Also, what was that room all about?
Who is The Benefactor?… the season mystery remains, just who is this evil season nemesis!
What are your thought on season 4 so far, is it too convoluted?
Episode Rating:

Next Week on Teen Wolf…

– Shahbaz Malik