Pretty Little Liars delivers it’s most shocking mid-season finale yet…

ABC Family

ABC Family weren’t lying with the #FatalFinale campaign as we lost a major player in the A game.

Bye Mona… I believed the theories that Mona would fake her own death, but did not expect Mona to go out the way she did.

But to be fair, for one of the strongest and important characters she certainly got the most memorable and shocking death. For an ABC Family show, it was quite horrific to see Mona’s blood scattered around the house, it didn’t help that we got a creepy montage of A putting away a baby Jesus statue and replacing it with a Mona doll, and if that’s not enough we got a look at her shocked dead body.

But take note, could this be a subtle reference to resurrection…

Jesus rose again (not getting religious here) but PLL love to drop sneaky hints. So that possibly maybe a hint that we may see Mona again, but perhaps only in flashback (in which actress Janel Parrish revealed she will be returning as) or ghost form.

Spencer goes to Jail… Yes, it came to full blow after last week’s development of Melissa covering up Spencer’s attack on the ‘supposed’ Bethany Young.

After Ali gave her lie detecting statement, the Rosewood police department set their target on Spencer. Let’s see if Toby (who is now officially a police officer) can save her from this one when the show returns. Oh, and who bought the show’s play on making us think he was the #FatalFinale victim?

Is Ali A? How intense was Emily and Alison’s confrontation? Props to Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse on that epic scene, I could feel the ice between them.

But come on! I call dibs that this is creator Marlene Kings usual way of throwing us off again. Plus it’s too obvious if A is actually A.

I mean she is still hiding something.. just look at that smirk at the end, but does it have to do with A business? Perhaps the show will take on the twin route afterall?? I have a strong sense that Bethany is Ali’s twin after Melissa mistook her for Ali!

This years finale will surely go down as the most memorable mid-season finales in the show’s history. It really says something when it also managed to muster 2.3 million viewers!

We will next see the PLL girls for a Halloween talk-special, before we actually get a new Christmas themed episode in December.

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Watch the preview for the Halloween talk special below:
– Shahbaz Malik