Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) Film Review

Marvel introduces new breed of heroes in slick comical style…


When first viewing the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy it looked like a cheesy and generic attempt to cash in on another Marvel franchise, but how most certainly wrong I was.

The latest Marvel story revolves around Peter’s (Chris Pratt) discovery of an orb wanted by black- mouthed nemesis Ronan (Lee Pace), which then leads to him joining forces with a bunch of other guardian misfits to protect it. Guardians, along with its own merits also makes connections to recent Avenger films with post-credit characters coming to full fruition in this superhero outing (most notably Thanos’s full appearance).

Casting is superb here, with leading man Chris Pratt doing justice as Peter, aka Star-Lord alongside love interest Gamora, played by the beautiful and fiesty Zoe Saldana. While WWE wrestler Dave Bautista also surprises as buff revenge seeker Drax along with fury humour providing Rocket, voiced by funny man Bradley Cooper.

Proving to be Marvel’s most music savvy flick, Guardians thanks to Peter’s mix-tape love treats viewers to an array of classic Western pop tunes.

It does sometimes tend to fall into usual territory in terms of love, comedy and usual action scenarios, but there’s something about the style of Guardians that make it what it is. It’s an entertaining and fun superhero Marvel blockbuster that flows along nicely without overstaying its welcome.

Be prepared to come out of the theatre with one-line that’ll be stuck in your head for days, “I am Groot”.

Overall Rating:

Take a look at the trailer for the galactic superhero flick below:

– Shahbaz Malik