Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 2 “117” Recap

This week’s Teen Wolf while high on humor, felt little on story development…
1. Derek ageing drama… While funny, this story seemed quite useless… 
It was not explained properly how he fell into such a debacle (unless it flew over my head without me realizing) and ended abruptly with him returning back to his masculine broody-beard self by episodes end.
The only thing good about this plot device, was the hilarious moments with Stiles and Scott’s dad. Other than that I’m still scratching my head why Kate even wanted comfort from him as a kid. It was also quite cringe-worthy when she kissed him.
Side-note, will anything happen to Dr.Deaton after begin scratched by young Derek?
2. Kate’s unstable… After witnessing her lose it in a service station bathroom (come on, that guy was asking for it by relentlessly trying to open the door) we learned that she is currently a recluse trying to cope with her new-found self. 
Peter revealed she is of course after something, but it was a fail after her Derek ageing manifesto blew up in her face.
Also, apparently she has her own army of Predator-looking allies called ‘The Berserkers’? Okay, that’s a bit random.
3. Peter’s loss… While not the biggest cliffhanger in Teen Wolf history, Peter lost a lot of the Hale’s hard earned cash. Hmm, while devastating.. it seems the show is trying to move beyond our usual supernatural cliffhangers. After-all creator Jeff Davis did reveal we would be getting more human problems this season.
We although, did get some good Peter Hale reactions this week when confronting his unknown daughter Malia (yep, there first meet wasn’t your typical Father-Daughter reunion), along with his discovery of learning Kate’s return.
4. We love Lydia.. Probably my favorite person on the show right now. Lydia just keeps growing and her involvement in the show’s mysteries continue to be intriguing. It was also nice to see her balance her own drama-queen self while in the car with Kira (also, was it just me or did it feel like a Lydia and Allison 2.0 moment?).
It was interrupted though after seeing the gruesome left-overs of Kate Argent…
5. Stiles and Scott re-united… It’s good to see our fave buddies united again, and at their funniest too! After last seasons horrible departure and darkness between the two, it was particularly laugh-out-loud worthy when the two tried there best to deal with young-Derek at the cops office.
Verdict: High on humor and fun, but a little murky and messy on story this week Wolfies…
Overall Rating:

Next week, Scott’s mum is in danger! Watch the promo below:

– Shahbaz Malik