Linkin Park – ‘The Hunting Party’ (Album Review)

Linkin Park go hardcore rock in latest album effort.

Image: Machine Shop

After not appearing on the latest Transformers film soundtrack, Linkin Park has instead shifted focus onto there latest LP effort ‘The Hunting Party’. It’s much more hard-core than previous material, as it features more metal sounding tracks, rather than the typical radio sound were used to from them.

The second the opening track “Keys To The Kingdom” plays, you know your in for a more darker metal sound from the band.  Front-vocalist Chester Bennington really brings out his screaming skills on this album, especially on tracks “War”, “Rebellion” and “Mark The Graves”.

It’s the sixth studio album from the rock band, and particularly touches on being alternative to mainstream bands, with the album’s title ‘Hunting Party’ serving as a metaphor as a hut for energy and soul. It also comes as a statement to others for labelling them as the typical mainstream band regurgitating pop culture music.

While the album is more metal-sounding though, we do have a few lighter material that were used to hearing from the band on the catchy and drum-beating “Until It’s Gone”. Chester goes into familiar vocal sounding territory here, taking a break from the scream-inducing tracks. “Final Masquerade” also serves as another of the band’s radio-friendly material,  and proves to be one of the best tracks on the album in my opinion.

For those who are fans of Linkin Park’s more metal sounding tracks, your gonna love ‘The Hunting Party’, but for those of you who appreciate more of their usual radio sounding material such as “What I’ve Done” and “Shadow of The Day” will be wildly letdown with the bands new direction.

Best Tracks: Final Masquerade, Until It’s Gone, Wastelands.

Overall Rating:

Listen to the latest promo single off of the album “Final Masquerade” below:

‘The Hunting Party’ is available to stream on iTunes Radio First Play HERE.
– Shahbaz Malik