22 Jump Street – The Perfect Movie For A Winters Night.

As the winter weather approaches us slowly (and cooly) in Australia, grab your best bed socks, the best blanket you can find and head to the cinemas and snuggle up with a box of popcorn and get cosy for 22 Jump Street! 

If the action packed comedy doesn’t get you all warm and fuzzy though, maybe Channing Tatum will! 

After finishing high school for the second time, 22 Jump Street take detectives Schmidt and Jenko to college, to find the dealer of a new drug which has emerged called WHYPHY. The weird situations and characters lead them closer to their guy. 

22 Jump Street was not as funny as the first; however it still manages to make you laugh! Unexpected situations arise and the longevity of the jokes does not hinder them, however it makes them funnier. The characters (like the situations) are original from the identical twins to the weird roommate across the dorm of Schmidt’s (played by Jonah Hill) love interest. 

The constant references to Ice Cube and Benny Hill really show us that the makers of this film knew what they were doing, and weren’t afraid to remind the audience what we’re watching is only a film. These references widen the age bracket for this film providing something for everyone.

The jokes that worked well were the ones which were improvised. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum played well off each other and neither one of them brought the others performance down. Much like Seth Rogan and James Franco, this acting duo is a pair made in movie heaven.

Jonah Hill takes the cake in this movie though. Playing on the girlfriend/boyfriend relationships and showing the sensitive side of his character, we are able to laugh at these ridiculous, real life situations. I also have to give it up to Jillian Bell who plays the character of Mercedes, her acting and comedic timing was spot on and it was nice to see a female version of Jonah Hill. It just goes to show that us girls are just as good (and when I say good, I mean better) at comedy  as men! 

There is no denying, that here in Australia we love the summer movie season in the US which means an influx of awesome movies for us in winter! So if you’re too cold on a Friday night to head out in the blizzard, head to the cinemas instead and make sure you grab a ticket to watch 22 Jump Street.


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  1. For a film to be able to expand our emotional bandwidth – and not bore us away – it doesn’t necessarily need to be sumptuously shot, and it doesn’t need to be cerebral.

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