The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 24 “The Status Quo Combustion” (Season Finale) Review/Recap: Things Are A Changing

Things are a changing for our favourite Big Bang Theory crew..

This years finale was all about our characters growing up and making changes.

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Lets take a look at what changes our faves are making, below.

Sheldon and Amy torn apart.. Sheldon was at losses during the finale, his science research was being changed to the dreaded string theory and Leonard gave him the ultimatimum that he may have to move out. Poor Shelly. Oh, and to top it off Amy offered him to move in, with a strawberry syrup milkshake. Oh the audacity Sheldon!

So in the end he decided to go away for a bit, and I think Penny was right for letting him go. While heartbreaking, Sheldon needs to learn to grow independently. I think this may just do the trick for him, unless he becomes traumatised and comes back worse than ever.

Leonard and Penny engaged for real… Last week’s announcement was no sham, and the pair have officially seeked out the approval of their parents. Leonard’s mum gave hers, thanks to Sheldon’s approval. Penny on the other hand shocked her mum that she will be the first to actually go ahead and marry someone.

Wedding bells are coming, the wedding will most probable happen end of season 8. I’m happy the two have finally decided to go ahead though, it’s been a long time coming after continuously frustrated at their on-and-off again relationship.

Raj and Emily have sex?.. Forget the engagement, Raj finally did the deed with Emily! As Bernadette said, this is more unique than any engagement.

Raj has really come a long way.  From not speaking to girls without alcohol, to not needing it any more and to turning to his dog for a companion. He has finally got a real-girl, even if she may be a little weird (she does have a fetish for gruesome movies remember?). Raj’s future is looking bright… The question is, will he be able to hold Emily down?

Howardm, Bernadette and Stuart? The home nurse quit, Penny quit. Noone can handle Howard’s mother.. But maybe it’s just woman who can’t?. Howard miraculously found the perfect match though by enlisting Stuart, after his comic bookstore got burned down.

Stuart now thankfully has a new job of looking after Howard’s mother and he actually couldn’t be any happier. Good on him! His always been a depressed lonely guy, so this should be a breath of fresh air for him. Maybe, just maybe in a weird kind of way he may just end up dating Howard’s mother.. Wouldn’t that be hilarous?

A great finale for a enjoyable season, which in order set up further developments for The Big Bang Theory crew, particularly for Sheldon. It should make for an interesting new season, as we will see just how tonight’s changes will effect our characters when the show returns.

Do you think Sheldon will come back a changed man? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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