Game of Thrones 4×07 “Mockingbird” Recap

And out the moon door with you!

1. Tyrion’s opponent and champion are revealed.. I think everyone pitied Tyrion as his closest allies abandoned him to his fate this episode. Jamie can’t fight with his left hand. Bronn’s circumstances have improved and he does not want to fight such a formidable opponent. Lucky for Tyrion this opponent just happens to be the murderer of Oberyn’s sister and her children. Revenge for love always fights harder and longer than fighting for glory, Tyrion 1, Cersei 0. 

2. Melissandre insists Shireen accompanies her parents.. Something is up with Melissandre and Shireen. “The Lord of Light needs her.” Is she planning to sacrifice Shireen to the Lord of Light so that Stannis may win the war? I don’t know but Melissandre has plans for this girl and they probably aren’t very pleasant. 

3. Daenerys gets laid.. Well it finally happened. Daario Naharis worked his way into the Mother of Dragons’ bed. He’s slimy (I know, poor use of metaphor). I don’t trust him at all. 

4. A softer side to The Hound.. The soft bunny side of the Hound has revealed itself to Arya. When push comes to shove, I think Arya won’t kill him. They’re developing some serious chemistry and I believe they are allies, much more than enemies. 

5. Jon’s advice is ignored.. The Knights Watch will regret ignoring Jon Snow. When the Wildlings ravage Castle Black the commanders will regret not taking heed of his advice over a petty vendetta. 

6. Brienne and Podrick on the trail of Sansa Stark.. Actually it’s Arya Stark that this duo are in hot pursuit of. They assume correctly that Sansa is there, but only time will tell if they shall arrive in time. 

7. And through the moon door she goes.. Thank god someone shut this crazy bitch up. When Baelish embraced her I was waiting for her to be pushed out the moon door and I applaud his actions. She would have eventually had Sansa killed. I don’t completely trust Baelish however. Does he intend to marry Sansa now? The poor girl. Joffrey, Tyrion, Robin, now Baelish. It seems she’s had no shortage of suitors but they’re all vile, murderous, inhibited or old enough to be her father. And I thought Margaery had problems with men. 

Conclusions.. This episode set several things in motion. Brienne and Podrick are on the road to reaching the Stark girls. Sansa now has a somewhat better future in store, and something is about to happen with Melissandre and Shireen. There also seemed to be an emphasis on pairs; Oberyn and Tyrion, Melissandre and Shireen, Daenerys and Daario, Brienne and Podrick, Sansa and Arya, Arya and the Hound, Sansa and Baelish. I don’t know if this has any significance, but when considering the name mockingbird, a bird which mimics, one has to wonder if there is an underlying connection. 

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