First clips from “Maleficent” (2014)

What do we know from two clips that have recently hit the web? 

Recently a few clips from the highly anticipated Maleficent have appeared on the net. The christening scene in particular has gotten myself and a large number of fans excited. While there is a spectrum of opinions, I believe Angelina Jolie wears her horns as if she was born with them. She owns the role in the Christening scene, the classic moment when Maleficent arrives uninvited to the event and places a curse upon Princess Aurora. 

From a comparison with the original scene there are some very striking similarities but also a few disappointing differences. The dialogue is pretty much word for word, and Jolie delivers every line with the spine tingling malice that Maleficent is so famous for. The atmosphere of the scene, the sets and the characters have been well adapted from animation to live action. They resemble the original enough to allow for recognition but have been changed enough to look realistic. 

One thing I did miss was the Three Good Fairies. They were present of course, but their role has been significantly reduced. I understand this is a film about Maleficent, but in this scene there is definitely room for the fairies, particularly Merryweather, to have their time in the sun and provide the humorous banter that was so effective in the original.

In any event Maleficent looks very promising. Check out the clip below and see for yourself.