Cher Lloyd – Sorry, I’m Late (Album Review): Promising New Sound Needs More Spotlight

Cher Lloyd reveals a more mature sound on ‘Sorry, I’m Late’. A sound that particularly deserved more attention.

Image: Epic Records

A taste of a new direction for UK pop artist Cher Lloyd was hinted at on her new single “Sirens”. It promised fans a whole new side of the teen star. It was a deep and emotional track with a powerful video. The album, although diverts from the different sound, falling into the usual mainstream pop.
While “Human” is another more serious-toned song, full over poweful vocals as Cher delves into the weakness of struggles of being a flawed species. “Sweet Despair” is also one of the more mature sounds on the album while “Bind Your Love” is also a nice cute little love anthem that downplays Cher’s rapping style a bit.

In saying this, it’s still fun to have such tracks as “M.F.P.O.T.Y” and her collab with T.I “I Wish”. It’s catchy pop at best, but there are too many of them on the album. It would of been nice for it to focus more on her new mature sound instead of the typical pop overload.

Cher has shown us a new side to her talents, but it would of been more of a success if she focused more on it rather than showing us just glimpses of the powerful emotional artist she can be. The album is still solid, as it did give us the beautiful “Sirens” and has a some fun track to keep fans alike bopping.

Let’s hope Cher gives us more of her deeper side on her next album effort.

Must-Listen Tracks: Sirens, Human, Bind Your Love, Sweet Despair.

Overall Rating:

Listen to the emotion-heavy first single “Sirens” below: