The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro (2014) Film Review

Spider-Man: Rise Of Electro delivers an emotional and thrilling punch that will get fans and audiences alike talking for days.

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After a delayed advanced screening of the film, the sequel too The Amazing Spider-Man finally graced the silver-screen and proved the painful wait was all well worth it.

The film opens with Spidey swinging around town and dealing with crime. It picks up right were the previous film left off as we then see flashbacks of him making the promise of staying away from Gwen to her deceased father. But it’s a struggle for both, as Peter (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen played by the beautiful and talented Emma Stone graduate from High School and try going their separate ways. But the two who share a bubbling and witty chemistry on-screen end up being in each others faces with Gwen making the drastic decision to attend Oxford and leave NYC behind.

Aww, Gwen (Emma Stone) and Peter (Andrew Garfield) can’t help themselves around each other.

Enough of Gwen and Peter, there’s also plenty of menacing things going down as they try to solve their problems. One of them being, the poor unrecognised Oscorp electrician played by the cool Jamie Foxx. Foxx really brings it to the character (who at times is a bit cheesy and over the top) as Max struggles to receive the attention of others. Unfortunately he ends up being the electrifying power-thirsty Electro, a self-absorbed mad at the world villain.

But one baddie isn’t enough for Spidey to face with the sequel also marking the return of Peter’s best friend Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) who eventually becomes the more uglier than ever Green Goblin.

Jamie Foxx brings his cool to Electro.

Okay, now your probably thinking that’s a whole lot of story to process and yes the film does suffer from convuleted story-arcs .  Similarly to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 the film often becomes disjointed with the thematic elements dealt within the film becoming displaced. Such displacement can make audiences a bit confused on what to feel as the movie swiftly swings back and forth between themes. It certainly does a better job at managing multiple story-threads than Sam Raimi’s version though (which I personally did not hate, despite the many criticisms it recieved ).

Comic book fans need not be disappointed as the film follows quite boldly with the source material. It also further delves into the muchly uncovered history of Parker’s parents, which make this interpretation of the web-slinging hero more enticing. By saying this I will say many who are unfamiliar with the comics will be shocked by the sheer bravery of the unforeseen ending of the film. Also, If you didn’t love Garfield in the first film, your bound to love him this time around with his playfulness as Spidey and emotion-heavy Parker. I for one felt more comfortable with him as the web-slinger this time around than in its predecessor.

Garfield proves himself a  more worthy Spidey this time around.

In the thick of it all, The Amazing Spider-Man: Rise Of Electro central theme deals with the repercussions of taking chances despite knowing the consequences. While at the same time the consequences of not taking those chances and in turn living miserably because of it. And that’s about all I can say without giving to much of the film away.

Also, If you were thrown-off by the trailer making the film look videogame-ish, the film does surprise and deliver a massive visual and audio treat alongside some well-used 3D to complement it.  So yeah, this is one of those films to spend the extra dollar on.

Enough from me Spidey fans, now follow your Spidey senses and watch the film! Be warned, if your an emotional sort please take some tissues with you.

Overall Rating:

Watch the final trailer for the film below:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro hits Australian cinemas Thursday, April 17. 
U.S. theatres will get the film May 2.



  1. Good review. Spidey's my favorite superhero, so I really hope this is a good film. What would you say the themes of the films are? Is it a better story than the previous Amazing Spider-man film or Spider-man 2?

  2. The themes are probable self-sacrifice, responsibility and consequences of taking chances and i guess why secrets are kept hidden. And yes it is better than the previous films as it delves in Peter's history more, and is a more gritty film in general.

  3. This Movie is ALL you need in a Cincecomic! Is pure Spider-Man! For me: the best Spider-Man Movie, despite its small flaws (like every cinecomic), and I loved it! Andrew Gardielf, Emma Stone, Sally Field and Dane DeHaan were great! And the final is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in a cinecomic movie, really really moving.

  4. About the best thing one can say about this fiasco is that Webb has taken only two films to reach the same exhausted, exhausting endpoint that Raimi required three to achieve. It's progress, of a sort.

  5. The trouble with director Marc Webb's disappointing sequel is it wants to have it both ways: to take seriously human connection and loss and also spin the spectacular and pulpy… Spider-Man 2 never locates that sweet spot.

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