That Awkward Moment (2014) Film Review

Zac Efron ditches his squeaky clean image for a dirty comedy.. if you can call it that.

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That Awkward Moment is yet another of those films that don’t know what it wants to be. It tries to be a raunchy comedy but then falls far too much into drama territory. In doing so the film becomes quite hard to connect with.

Jason (Efron), Daniel (Miles Teller) and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) represent the typical American male who are stuck in one of life’s difficult mucks. Youth is quickly fading as the boys try to resist the force of settling down. And what better way to cope then making a pact to not get involved in any serious relationships?.  As ridiculous as the bet is, the trio find themselves in a difficult situation as they immediately start getting tied down.

The pact is pretty cheesy and forgettable as the film tends to forget it even has one as the film doesn’t mention it again until the end. It seems like a failed Hangover plot device and hinders the flow of the film yet again.

Redeeming the film though, is leading lady Imogen Poots who remarkably works her charm as the convincing and fiery love interest of Efron, Ellie. As for brooding Efron, he seems relatively bored with the role and seemingly has no connection to the story whatsoever despite sharing a few brief sparkling moments.

Imogen Poots makes this confused comedy a little more easy to watch.

Awkward moments is particularly when the film works best, as it deals with awkward situations and brings forward that life is sometimes full of them. Most memorably is Efron showing up with a sex toy hanging from his pants at a classy dress party along with meeting his girlfriends parents too. The key message I guess is how you choose to deal with them, make it more awkward? Or lose your ego and be carefree.. It’s really the key to enjoying life.

If this central theme was focused on more heavily, the film would of worked. In saying that, the film is still enjoyable at times but often falls flat when building humour is interrupted by the usual relationship drama. Also, with its subject matter a heavier focus on the comedy and awkwardness aspect would of allowed this film to flourish.

Overall Rating:
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