Lana Del Rey – West Coast (Single Review)

Del Rey teases fans with a new single.

Lana Del Rey has hit audiences with another tease from her upcoming album Ultraviolence set for release later this year, the exact date unannounced. I have mixed feelings about this track. The song at first seems to be about adventure and freedom on the West Coast of America, but then evolves into a tale about young passionate love.

The West Coast setting creates an atmosphere and a  visual metaphor. The West Coast of America conjures images of Hollywood, the beaches of LA and a land of icons, fame and parties. In short a place of adventure and passion. This is how young love is supposed to feel, an adventurous and passionate pursuit. Del Rey uses this image to set the tone for the song and create a liberating atmosphere. Destiny is before us, like the expanse of the Pacific Ocean on the West Coast.

I’m not that impressed though. West Coast is a step down from the quality of some of her former work and I feel like the melody is trying to hypnotise me but it isn’t working. That being said, it isn’t that bad, just average.

If you haven’t already check out the song below: