How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Review: And That’s How I Met Your Aunt..


Yep kids, it’s all over.. The show that spanned over nine years and nine seasons came to a close last night, but was it a truly satisfying ending?

Well yes and no. If your a hopeless romantic than you would’ve been disappointed, but if your all about the harsh realities that life deals us you may have been satisfied.

Ted finally finds the one.. but did the love last an eternity?
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Marshall & Lily.. Well everything was sweet as can be for these two, Marshall scored the fudge judge and the moved on up to supreme fudge judge.. Good on Marshall for getting to live out his career thanks to Lily who took a step back and allowed him to do so. Lily on the other hand, still got to live out her dream and ended up welcoming baby number three!

I’m happy these two got their happily ever after.

Barney..  Okay so Robin and Barney didn’t work out.. I kind of had a feeling these two wouldn’t last, especially since their reluctance to head down the aisle. But he became a father! He finally ditched the playboy ego and made baby Ella the love of his life (aww!).

I’m actually quite happy with his ending, life is not rainbows and butterflies with plenty of single parents out there dedicating their purpose of living to their children.. so in that sense i applaud the writers for capturing that realisem, and hey don’t be a Marshall and judge just cause he hasn’t got a wife.

Robin.. Her stubbornness got the better of her, and in the end left her with nobody. I know alot of people would blame her for ending up that way, but Robin is a representation of individuals who just don’t know what they want from life and end up living a lonely loveless life.

She got the career though, becoming a famous news anchor.. but was she happy? She certainly didn’t look it and showed regret for giving up Ted in the end.

The Mother… How sweet were they together? Ted and Tracy McConnell, (yep her name was finally revealed) even share the same initials.. match made in heaven right?

It was all rosy as we saw the two bond and share some perfect chemistry with each other. But things took a turn for the nasty, as it was revealed the mother was in fact (as many suspected) deceased from an unspoken illness (most probably family inherited as her brother was also revealed to pass in the 100th episode).

Ted & Who? Now that you’ve processed the mother is in fact dead. We now return to where it all began.. Ted telling the damn-longest story ever of how he met their mother. It is revealed that it has been 6 years since the mothers death and the kids pronounce “This whole story is about how you’re in love with Aunt Robin… how you totally have the hots for Aunt Robin.” We feel ya kids, there certainly was a whole lotta Robin drama in his quest to find the one.

Ted suddenly realises he does, and always has wanted to Robin and heads off somewhere.. well yeah, back to Robin’s place with the good-old blue horn and ola it comes full circle as Robin opens the door with her dogs (how does she even still have them?). Cut to black, and the How I Met Your Mother title appears.

So, that’s it folks.. we always kind of knew it, it’s just we didn’t expect her to be his second partner/ possible second wife? I’m iffy on this, it felt like cheap attempt to get Ted and Robin back together as quick as possible, especially that the characters seemed to have taken different paths.

But again six years have passed, and people do move on and lose their perfect soulmate. As Ted said, “nothing lasts forever”. The bittersweetness of this reality though, is Robin’s life has finally found life. Delivering the message that even the hopelessly lost get a crack at love. Life always has a way of delivering its perks in due time.

In the end Tracy was the mother, while Robin was ‘the one’..

So what did you loyal and devoted fans think of the final? Were you happy who Ted ended up with?

Thank you HIMYM cast and crew!
It was fun-filled nine years,  even though the mother mystery drove us mad!
Overall Rating

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  1. Well, I don't think that Robin was the one. They were not good for each other to begin with. It was the mother who shared the same interests with Ted. Ted and Robin would not work out to begin with. He wanted different things. They only became good for each other in their 40s/50s (or however old they were).

    So to sum up, mother was the one, but she has sadly passed away. Robin was just a consolation prize after losing Ted's other half!

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