Game of Thrones 4×04 “Oathkeeper” Recap

From Kingslayer to Oathkeeper.

1. Daenerys incites rebellion in Meereen.. The Mother of Dragons shakes things up in an uprising at Meereen. With the city now under her control I personally wonder how Daenerys is going to keep so many subjects under wraps. I mean how will she feed them all? She needs to get some organised civic and labor services in place immediately. 

2. Sansa heads to the Veil.. If only Sansa Stark knew her aunt was deranged she would not be so confident in her safety. Baelish and Lysa will make an interesting couple. The Veil might prove influential in the times to come and Baelish will relish that leverage over the other kingdoms.  

3. Joffrey’s killer revealed.. Olenna the sweet old lady an assassin! I would never have suspected her to be the killer. I did suspect Maergery, but never a joint operation between Baelish and Olenna. Not that I am surprised, as if High Garden would sacrifice their fertile young princess to a deranged lunatic. 

4. Margaery’s little secret.. Cersei will not be happy when she learns of this! Her young king having secret meetings with Margaery in the night, it’s a recipe for disaster. Margaery shouldn’t try her luck and over estimate her value to the Lannisters. 

5. Jon Snow earns the respect of the knights.. It seems things may be looking up for Jon Snow, having become a leader among the men. As clear as day I can see the men eventually refusing to follow the brute commander. 

6. Bran’s capture.. I admire Bran’s courage but it would be nice if now and then he could see what was out of his league. Spying on the mutineers, a bad move that may cost one of his companions their life. Jon Snow will save the day so never fear, they are conveniently marching to the camp. 

7. Brienne upholds Jamie’s oath to Catelyn Stark.. An emotional farewell between Jamie and Brienne of Tarth. It also saw the return of Podrick! The producers must have the coin in the budget to keep Podrick in the show as they had the perfect exit for him when Tyrion released him from service. On the oath it seems to be a redeeming moment for Jamie Lannister; he will defy Cersei and not kill Sansa Stark. It’s too good to be true. George Martin has something in store for audiences. 

8. The White Walkers.. Holy cow these things are creepy! So the babies are being turned into White Walkers, that’s messed up, but arguably a better fate than death at the hands of their Wildling father, or now the mutineers. The White Walkers are becoming active in the series again after going quiet in late Season 3. Season 4 is building towards something, a crescendo of drama and action concerning the Walkers hopefully, but something other than Winter is coming. 

Conclusions: This really wasn’t a bad episode. The drama and suspense created by the White Walkers at the close of the episode have provided the perfect cliffhanger until next week. This episode was another set up, which will force Daenerys to make some choices, has given the mutineers leverage over Jon Snow, Brienne on a quest to save the Stark girls, and has set the Tyrells in a plot to match Tommen and Margaery. A solid episode. 


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