Game of Thrones 4×02 “The Lion and the Rose” Recap

A shock that couldn’t have come sooner.

1. Bolton family drama.. For the first time we see Ramsay and Roose Bolton in the same room. The dynamic to me is the antithesis of the bastard son and father relationship shared between Ned Stark and Rob Snow. Rather than affection all these two share is mutual disappointment in the other, as well as a considerable dose of malice and cunning.

2. The shadow of Theon Greyjoy.. The prince of the Iron Islands is a mere shadow of his former self, reduced to a shell after the tortures he suffered under Roose Bolton. I personally believe Theon is getting everything he deserves for betraying the Starks and ultimately causing the destruction of Winterfell.

3. The departure of Shae.. It had to happen eventually, Tyrion and Shae have been together by one of Cersei’s spies. Really this couple is one of the only pairs who are together because they love each other. It was a shame to see Shae leave, she was a very interesting character. However I believe she will return later on. My belief comes from her reluctance to leave despite the danger, only until Tyrion stated he did not believe she was fit to bear his children and called her a whore. If she doesn’t return out of her own will she will meet her end as a prisoner of the Lannister’s. Cersei and Tywin seemed very determined to apprehend her.

4. Melissandre and human sacrifices.. It seems the insanity of Melissandre continues and Stannis Baratheon is only too happy to oblige. This week they sacrificed relatives of his wife to the Lord of Light and called it cleansing. Seriously is everyone brainwashed by her craziness. The only one talking sense in that place is Davos Seaworth. I did though find Melissandre’s conversation with Shireen very intriguing, and I am curious to see if there will be further interaction between these two.

5. Bran’s vision.. I was left a little confused. The images were of a northern tree with the face of the old gods, the three eyed raven in a dungeon and dragons over Kings Landing. The raven also told Bran to go north and he suddenly knew where he had to go. I’m not entirely sure if he was referring to one of the locales in the images or just the north. At present I believe he was told to go north and the images are predictions of some kind, but we shall see.

6. The royal wedding.. After the red wedding I don’t think any Game of Thrones fan will take a Westerosi wedding lightly. From the moment they began to walk up the aisle I anticipated that something would happen at the wedding, although my guess was wrong. At first I presumed Shae would be brought out and decapitated like Ned Stark, as some sort of sick offering from Joffrey to Margaery, but this was not the case. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT. After humiliating his uncle, and distastefully ordering the re-enactment of the War of the Five Kings, Joffrey Baratheon finally got what was coming to him; death by poison. I’m surprised it took this long, but I am so pleased that an evil character at last paid for their crimes. This Lannister paid his debt tonight. As a bonus his death gave Sansa Stark the perfect opportunity to escape. The only fallout of Joffrey’s death is that Tyrion is going to get the blame. Let’s see how this unfolds.

Conclusions.. It was a much better episode than the premiere, and for the death of Joffrey, this episode has earned this rating.


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