Experimental Sounds and Disjointed Beats – Album Review of ENCLOSURE by John Frusciante

Known for his alternative, experimental sound, former Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante blows us away with his new album ENCLOSUREwith interesting sounds that makes us rethink the way music should be listened to. 

Disjointed beats, harmonising melodies and relaxing sounds, John Frusciante sticks to experimenting the way sounds should be placed together just like scientists play with chemicals to find a cure to a disease! Don’t believe me? His song ‘Excuses’ on this track says it all!

It’s unlike something we hear on mainstream (and even commercial) radio, but it’s not unexpected of Frusciante. The mix of techno and orchestral sounds brings an interesting resonance to this record. You either love it or hate it, and man, do I love it.

This 10 track album is diverse and not one song is the same. You are left in suspense of what sound might come next and it’s a pleasant surprise each time! His voice is melodic, full of range and is easily one of the best voices I’ve heard, which makes it almost uncomfortable (yet comfortable) to listen next to highly computerised music. It’s almost as if he is commenting on the digital age. This record shows that not only is he a song writer, but an artist of music.

I mean, what singer/song writer would take the streaming of his album to the next level? 

On the 29th of March, ENCLOSURE was loaded onto an experimental cube called Sat-JF14 and launched into space! Fans from around the world could download an app which enabled users to track Sat-JF14 movement in real time! Once Sat-JF14 hovered in the geographic region of fans, the album was unlocked and was able to stream for free. Fans also could chat to one another via the app! This ceased on the 7thof April and is now available to purchase around the world!

Now if that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is!
Open your minds and ears to endless possibilities and new sounds, and grab a copy of ENCLOSURE today!


(Below is the song Fanfare from ENCLOSURE).