Divergent (2014) Film Review

Divergent aims to be different, and does so by adding its own unique flavour to relative familiar young-adult territory.

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Divergent, yet another YA novel has been giving the movie treatment. Rightfully so though, as the film is a stand-out amongst others of the same category.
The films plot tells the story of a young lady named Tris, who does not fit into the dystopian future where individuals are divined into distinct groups (think of social-class divisions) who are mind- controlled to forget their humanness and instead focus on work. Human nature has therefore been eradicated to make room for mindless slaves. Tris although is a Divergent, a rare individual who has no fear whatsoever and can’t be control.  Knowing this, she tries to fit in with a ruthless daring group called Dauntless, where she tries desperately to hide the fact that she is of rare species.
Kate Winslet is one of the major nemesis of the film and shines as Jeanine, who hunts down Divergents in order to mantain the status quo. Winslet perfectly makes audiences want to slap the hell out of her for her absurd and ruthless ways. There’s also the typical teen romance here, with leads Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Theo James who plays Four (yes that’s actually his name) who actually do share some chemistry with each other. Fans and teen girls alike will again swoon, ship and fangirl over them. Judging by the crowd’s reaction when I watched the film, it will muster the same wild teen girl obsession that The Hunger Games Peeta and Katniss or Twilight’s Edward Bella drew.
Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Theo James (Four) actually have chemistry,
 that may likely spark yet another fan girl craze.
I’m a sucker for stories like Divergent, that represent the human soul triumphing over dystopian ideals and values. It’s something that has been quite a re-occuring theme within big Hollywood films these days, among them being RoboCop and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. You can try to stop human-will, but the human soul is incapable of destruction and will always triumph in the end.
Yes the film will draw comparisons to The Hunger Games, but what’s so bad about that? Most stories these days borrow and encapsulate themes we’ve seen before and instead add its own unique spin. The Hunger Games itself drew comparisons to Japanese film Battle Royale. Every story has its own story to tell, so don’t be off-put by having to dread already familar territory. 
It’s enjoyable to see Divergent take a more modern spin on the dystopian theme. It is rather more explicit when it comes to dealing with such themes when expressing ideas on government control, difference and controlling individuals minds.
Also, the film has some stunning music throughout. What a great choice it was for choosing Ellie Goulding to lend her unique voice and talents towards the film.. it truly fits the style of the film of being upbeat within the modern dystopian world. Ellie’s “Beating Heart”, which was written for the film is a must-listen!

If you love Young Adult novels being turned into films and sick of seeing magical vampire tales be brought to life than Divergent will be a refreshing breath of fresh-air. It may follow in suite of The Hunger Games but still has something fresh and unique to offer.
Overall Rating:

Divergent is now playing in the U.S. and will hit Australian cinemas on Thursday.

Check out the trailer below:


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