Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 24 “The Divine Move” (Season Finale) Review

Teen Wolf’s epic season 3B goes out with an emotional bang.

Source: MTV

The second half of season 3 has been one of the show’s best, the season finale was of course yet another demonstration of that.

First up, lets talk about the fallout of Allison’s death (yep that happened this season too) as everyone was in a stage of grief, shame they didn’t get to take a breath though as the Nogitsune was still wreaking havoc on Beacons Hills.

The episode aptly titled “The Divine Move” was exactly that, as Stiles learned how to defeat his evil alter-ego once and for all by manoeuvring his final move as if it was a game of a famous Japanese style chess game. Of course we were treated to an epic snowy battle along the way, well a epic illusion that is.

While this was all happening, Allison’s father was trying to keep strong. While comforting Isaac, they finally figured out how to kill the evil Oni bas**rds that killed his daughter by killing them with her silver-tipped arrows.

In the end the Nogistune was finally defeated and everyone can now go back to living a happy life..
well actually they can go back to grieving Allison. Oh and also add Aidan (one half of the wolf twins) to the mix who also got killed by the Oni, prompting Ethan to break-up with Danny and leave town.. Gosh this is too much to process.

Wait.. that’s not all, in the closing minutes we also discovered that Allison’s crazy b**ch aunt Kate is alive! And what the hell is she?!? Is she a wolf crossed with an avatar gene?

Scott demonstrating how all of us are feeling right now.

We feel ya Scott. This was the most emotionally driven Teen Wolf finales ever! That last montage got me teary as we watched our faves left in emotional despair, as they close one chapter in their lives and move to the next.

Jeff Davis (series creator), thank you for such a brilliant season. Season four has a lot to compete with, so my expectations are high.

Okay that’s it from me, i’ll let you go back to recovery mode.

Overall Rating:


Teen Wolf will return for its fourth season June 23rd.

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