Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 24 “A is for Answers” Review: Did we get the answers we wanted?

Pretty Little Liars season 4 came to a close last night, but did the episode promptly titled “A is for Answers” actually give us some answers?

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Well the night was all about filling in the gaps, rather than providing any leads into who really is A, or more appropriately apart of Team A.

I must say though, it was an emotional heavy episode. Like come on! How would you feel if you found your presumed friend was dead was actually alive?! It was certainly a warming sight to see the girls bond with each other once again as Ali managed to redeem herself over her past sins. But Mrs. DiLaurentis burying her own daughter.. Crazy! And just who knocked Ali out?

Another debunked theory was Noel actually helping Allison.. I don’t buy it though, does he have another agenda? Damn this show for making me question everyone’s motives.

Spencer got a shovel out, but didn’t hurt no-one. We all knew Spencer couldn’t harm a fly and I am happy the writers didn’t turn her into the next baddie. Spencer simply was in a hazy faze of mixing alcohol with drugs, than got all teary and headed back to bed like a good girl.

Speaking of the Hastings, Melissa’s back an her timing is impeccable. I always felt the girl was in on it, i’m going to take Mrs. Di’s advice that the Hastings are not to be messed with (excluding Spender).. There’s something more to the family that we don’t know yet!

Ezra was also made in the clear, his simply a writer trying to find a good story who was actually protecting Ali! He also came to rescue the girls in the closing minutes.. Is he dead? Probably not. If he is, it will definitely step up the A game next season. (Props to the writers for diverting us into thinking he was A).

Now for the final nail-biting minutes of the finale. The girls finally stood up to whoever was under the black mask (for a second i thought they were going to reveal who it was) but of course they got away! Don’t you just love Hannah though for being so her during the finale,  although just wish she put us out of our misery and shot the hooded figure.

And finally, is Mrs.D truly dead? (Guess she’s getting a taste of her own medicine right?). It seems the writers are setting up Jason to be the next big bad next season.. or maybe I’m just sensing that, could be wrong.

It was a season finale that finally cleared up the Ali mystery, and also managed to maintain the mystery as the show goes forward. I must say Season 4B was certainly a massive improvement for the show as it managed to regain its momentum. The question on everyones lips still remain though, who the hell is A?

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Pretty Little Liars returns for its fifth season in June.

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