Pharrell Williams – G I R L (Album Review): “The album everyone needs in their life”

Following the success of his 2006 album, Pharrell’s G I R L will make people who aren’t synesthetic see sounds. This eclectic, upbeat record is guaranteed to turn the bad day you’re having into one filled with positiveness and happiness. 
What fans had expected from Pharrell, he has impressed us with it and more. Pharrell sweet talked his way into the ears of his listeners as the album eases us into his first song Marilyn Monroe.  Starting off dramatic, expensive and sophisticated, G I R L leaves the listener in constant anticipation. And what we hear next is a pleasant surprise of funky beats and head bopping quality sounds.
Pharrell really gives his audience an insight into his personal taste of music but showing an extensive range of sounds. You can hear a variety of styles such as soul and funk, reggae, country, pop, and hip hop, all with a twist of Pharrell’s own personal style.
What makes this record incredible is that it introduces artists such as Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus, giving them a chance to express their styles on his record. The song “Brand New” featuring Justin Timberlake has a tonne of orchestral sounds, which was heavily used in Justin’s latest record “The 20/20 experience”.  Not only are we listening to sounds we match with Justin Timberlake, however we also see an insight to Pharrell’s producing abilities as well.
It is refreshing to finally hear a record where each song is positive, rhythmic and still has a level of soul, which most artists lack today.  Sometimes you just need that one record that will get you out of that funk you’re in and to keep you going, and this is definitely it!
 Watch the video below to witness the positive effect his recent song “Happy” has had on people today. Get yourself happy and purchase G I R L on iTunes today!
Words: Silvia P