Noah (2014) Film Review : A More Human Take on the Classic Biblical Tale

Noah’s latest interpretation gives a more human insight into the man who created the arc.

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Love. Yep sweet love, is the essential message of this modern Noah take (directed and written by Black Swan‘s Darren Aronofsky), a concept Noah himself struggles to accept.

The films plot follows the classic biblical story of Noah having a vision, in that the world will be cleansed of its sins by drowning earth in water in order to allow a new civilisation to form. But on his way Noah of course runs into a number of obstacles, majorly from Tubal-cain (Ray Winstone) who threatens to destroy his arc if he does not allow him and his people to jump aboard. Along with the army, his family also question and struggle to follow through with his plans.

A huge applause to the entire cast, Russell Crowe delivered in every aspect of making Noah as human as possible, Jennifer Connelly actually made me teary as she struggles to go through with her husbands plans (which shows just how well she pulled it off). It was also quite nice to see just what a beautifully mature actress Emma Watson has grown into since her Harry Potter days as she perfectly captures the essence of Noah’s adoptive daughter Ila.

Oh, and how could i forget the much-needed comic relief of the film that is Anthony Hopkins who portrays Noah’s grandfather .. A strong spiritual figure with an unshakable craving for berries. Wish Hopkins had a bigger role though, his pretty much spectacular in every role he fills.

A more matured Emma Watson shines in Noah as Ila.

The flaws of the film though is the slow pace opening, as we watch Noah and his family manouver their way through the deserted lands of earth.  Other flaws are unavoidable as religious folklore (for people who are anti-religious) is apart of the Noah story, and such aspects of angels appearing as rockboulders doesn’t help. It may slightly be a bit to digest in the early hours of the film, which will particulary put viewers off who avoid fantasy genre films.

Even if you are not religious though, this film is an emotional expoloration of the soul. The willingness of the human spirit and the testing of oneself. Noah himself becomes a human-like figure that we emphasise with and want to slap at the same time as we watch him solely dedicate himself to fulfilling the creators plans. In doing so, forgetting to care and love those around him including his own human race, despite their flaws.

I guess in the end, it can be seen that Noah finally grasps the sole purpose of his mission instead of his maniac ways of following through with a rigid loveless plan. In that he can finally see the world through the creators eyes and learn just why he can’t let our human race die out. We all have good and bad in us, but there is just something in us that makes us keep on surviving throughout the ages.

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