Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once (Album Review)

Kylie gives a half-hearted return album that demonstrates her capability of producing pure-pop manufactured confectionary.


Lets face it Kylie Minogue either can hit all the right marks (“Spinning Around”, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”) or either hit huge lows (“Get Outta My Way” and previous album effort Aphrodite).

Kiss Me Once marks a new chapter for Ms. Mingoue as she embarks upon Jay-Z’s money-making record label Roc Nation (Guess she really has gone “Into The Blue”). But moving labels does not generally mean an improvement on music material.

The album is far too sex-heavy (no i’m not a prude). There needs to be balance, Kiss Me Once is one of those albums were you can quite notice that imbalance as there are are tracks that seem like they’ve been placed on the wrong album. “Into The Blue” (which is probably the best track on the album) and her collaboration with Enrique Iglesias “Beautiful” truly highlight this as there a stark contrast to the rest of the tracks on the album.

It’s all about direction, if Kylie wanted a sex-heavy album she needed to stick with it and not just chuck an imbalanced set of tracks onto one album. The sex-filled tracks although which aptly include such titles as “Sexercise” and “Les Sex” are not all that bad, it’s just there are far too many of them making the album become rather forgettable.

In the end the album all blurs into one sadly, and becomes yet another generic forgettable pop-diva album.. sorry Kylie, better luck next time.

Best Tracks: Into The Blue, Feels So Good, If Only.
Worst Tracks: I Was Gonna Cancel, Kiss Me Once

Overall Rating:


‘Kiss Me Once’ is available to purchase on iTunes NOW. Get it here.

Listen to the first single off the album ‘Into The Blue’ below: