Enrique Iglesias – Sex and Love (Album Review)

Enrique relatively surprises with Sex and Love by channeling both his western and spanish roots into one enticing party popping package.

I admit, before listening to Sex and Love I had really low expectations, particulatly after hearing recent his other generic radio material (yes i’m pointing at you “Turn The Night Up” and “Tonight (I’m F***** You)”) but this new album channels the old and new Enrique into one, allowing him to explore his spanish roots alongside his modern western style music.

“Heart Attack” is one of the major tracks that stick out on the album. Enrique provides a certain catchy element to it as he channels his talents into the dubstep craze. It’s a shame the track did poorly on radio charts though.. it sounded like a hit to me.

His duet with Kylie Minogue titled “Beautiful” is also a surprisingly nice listen, despite the overuse of auto-tune (in which the track didn’t even need). It shows Enrique isn’t afraid to go out of his comfort zone in establishing different collaborations outside Pitbull. “Only A Woman” is also on the same wavelength as it highlights Enrique’s deeper ballad side. Its cleverly segmented too as the album balances sex and love themed tracks into one, a theme that particularly strikes on individuals as it’s often a struggle trying to separate the two.

Now lets get onto the sex-side of things, afterall sex is always fun.. right?. “Physical” is probably the best track that demonstrates this as he unites with Jennifer Lopez (JLo) and of course the result is hot! The two certainly mesh well in delivering a thumping club track.

Along with his Western appeal, track “Bailando” aims at attracting and catering to his spanish lovers. But hey! I myself am an English, but this track got me moving and would certainly to appeal all his english lovers. There is also a lovely spanish ballad titled “Loco” which allows both themes of the album to be understood by spanish listeners.

If you love Enrique,  Sex and Love will certainly be your “Hero”.

Download/Listen: Heart Attack, Bailando, Physical, You And I, Only A Woman.
Skip: Let Me Be Your Lover, Still Your King.

Overall Rating:

Watch “Heart Attack” off of Sex and Love below: