RoboCop (2014) Film Review

RoboCop reboot relatively surprises with its timely debut.

RoboCop, an 80’s cult classic has been given the reboot with a new modern spin.

It doesn’t require a lot of brain power but Robocop actually has relevance and makes for an interesting take on modern issues, despite the original idea being made decades ago.

The film itself revolves around local cop Alex Murphy getting caught up in a criminal case and ending up in the firing line. His body becomes incapable of pretty much anything which then allows OmniCorp to come in and use him as their experiment by placing a human into a robot as the US worries that their previous idea of sole machine operated cops is a threat to human morality. 

Along with such a storyline, we are then treated to an exploration into the notions of technology taking over the human-form. RoboCop although, proves that you can not remove the human soul wether that be its emotions, morality or consciousness.

Film specs wise, it is a well-paced film and the story unfolds effectively within 2-hours without overstaying its welcome. Gary Oldman (Dr. Norton) and Joel Kinnaman (Alex) also pull off a particular robot-doctor relationship which truly adds something more engaging to the film.

Gary Oldman and Joel Kinnaman pull off a convincing robot and doctor relationship.

Overall, RoboCop is a fun-thrilled action packed ride that delves into particularly tricky modern-day issues, making the film a well-timed insight into the human soul and the threat of machines without getting all to deep and serious about it.

Overall Rating:

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