Revenge Season 3 Mid-Season Report: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

As Revenge continues its long hiatus (returns March 9th) take a look at all the highlights of the season so far.. including all its good, bad and plain-right ugly moments.

The Good

1. The constant feeling like it’s all going to end.. The fast pace this season has made me feel like the show is headed for the end when we haven’t even heard of any cancellations yet (hope I don’t not jinx it). With the setting of the date of ending her revenge, to the plan being destroyed have really made this season a big thrill ride.

2. Daniel finally has something to do.. The revelation that he shot Emily has done wonders for his character (even cast member Josh Bowman must be cheering after worrying about his character being underused). The character development has made us have a love-hate relationship with him, such as feeling sorry for him when Emily continuously tries to bring him down while hating him when his all sinister and saying things like “Sterilising you was my gift to the universe”. We definitely didn’t see that coming.

3.  Conrad’s slow downfall.. From his false Huntington’s disease alert, he was about to give up all his secrets but then the priest had to die. Conrad then had Lydia problems yet again after reigniting his passion with her before having to send her away too. This season defintley hasn’t been a easy one for the high and all so mighty man, but will this season finally see his reign of power be brought down?

4. Emily’s Amnesia.. As corny as it is, I enjoyed seeing Emily get a taste of her own medicine a bit by forgetting her agenda and having to trust others around her. I think the amnesia thing was well-timed to, it was short and sweet without overstaying its welcome. I also loved the classic interactions we got to see with her and Victoria as Vic got to watch over her within her own place as Emily regained her memories. And now that these blackouts are occurring i wonder just where it will go, will Emily suffer a permanent illness? And did she just sleep with Conrad or was it just an illusion?

5. Jack on Team Revenge.. Its finally happened, and it has done the show wonders. Jack now knows. It’s no longer a pain seeing Emily and Jack interact without truly knowing about it each other, it has added to and allowed the speeding up of the revenge agenda and has actually reignited the spark the two have together. I never shipped them before, but this season I have jumped aboard.

The Bad

1. Ashely gone.. When looking back at season one, Ashley added a little more drama to the series and was written off way to abruptly. It would be interesting to see if the writers could do something more interesting with her instead of shipping her off.

2. The handling of Victoria’s lost-son Patrick.. I really felt that Patrick became useless far too quickly and had a lot more potential going for him. Once they made him go MIA for a couple episodes, his stories became disjointed and made viewers lose interest. I hope they utilise him much more when the show returns and make him reunite with Nolan instead of being against him.

3. Lydia’s return.. Short, random and useless. Really it was nice seeing her and all but it didn’t alter anything of the main story or agenda whatsoever and could of had way more potential.

4. Nikko.. Is it just me, or is this character addition completely unnecessary? She seems just like a side-character and adds nothing to show except an annoyance to Emily’s revenge. Just hurry her story up and get movin’!

5. Charlotte’s underuse.. Please stop giving her pointless snappy and bitchy story-lines! I think it’s time she learned that Emily is really her sister (we got hints of it during Emily’s amnesia phase and loved it). I think it will make Charlotte more interesting and become of more value to the show.

The Ugly

1. Removing Sara.. Why get rid of her just like that? Like come on give the poor girl a chance, she’s already suffered once in the past thanks to Daniel. It’s a shame, she seemed like a nice girl too.


Season three has been a massive improvement over season two, and has been a non-stop thrill ride with the show returning back to basics. The wedding shooting mystery really set the season off on a high-note and has constantly delivered week after week. 
With a few slight tweaks, this season could go out as being one of its best!

Overall Rating:

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  1. I'm sorry but you may be the only Sarah fan out there. She was ok until she knowingly continued to cheat with Daniel. Glad she's gone.

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