Lea Michele – Louder (Album Review)

Lea makes her solo debut, delivering a multifaceted album that truly shows off her talents.

Louder is a highly awaited album that will no doubt make fans and audiences alike point to Lea’s tough emotional journey after losing Cory. The album no doubt has pure heart and soul with some tracks being clearly dedicated towards Cory. The final track off the album ‘If You Say So’ actually made my eyes water a little (especially since I experienced the loss of a loved one with similar circumstances) as Lea talks about those final words unsaid and the questioning of why such tragedies occur.

Along with these emotional heavy tracks, we are also treated to some amazing power ballads that reveal just how far Lea can go with her vocal range as she hits all the high notes in “Battlefield” and “You’re Mine”. Her glee roots can also be seen her, except Lea is allowed to explore more lyrical territory this time.

Also another note-worthy track that just blew me away was “Burn With You” which again embodies her emotional side as she scream out “I don’t want to go to heaven, if your going to hell” which entails a struggle of self-sacrifice and plays on the confusing concepts of religion in which many struggle to understand. She proves that love is the most powerful key and to love someone for whoever they are, even if it doesn’t quite meet the standards of good or bad set my oneself, religion, culture etc.

While the album channels her personal experiences, Lea also reveals another side to herself by showing she is rightfully capable of competing in the mainstream industry with her high-energy and dance anthems ‘Louder’, ‘On My Way’ and ‘Cannonball’.  It will be interesting to see how far she can go in terms of Top 30 Countdowns, but who really cares if it doesn’t as she proves she can work with what she’s got without having to give into generic pop-radio formulae music.

Overall, Louder is a perfect way for Lea to launch into the music sphere as she prepares herself for departure from Glee (which wraps up its run next year) as it truly demonstrates her talents and capability of being a solo artist. I also applaud her for sticking with it, and going ahead with the album despite her difficult time. Cory would be proud!

Overall Rating:

Watch the music video for her first single off the album ‘Cannonball’ below:

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Louder will be available to purchase on February 28th, along with Australia March 7th.