The highly anticipated Wolf Of Wall Street delivers just what it promises.. lots of sex, drugs and money. But despite such a mix it instead comes off a little-slow.
The Wolf Of Wall Street deals with the true story of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) who becomes one of the wealthiest stockbrokers but not without transforming into the very person he set out not to be.

It all sets off into motion when Belfort decides to start up him own company Stratford-Oakmont which thrives on manipulating financial investors, we then become the outsiders watching all the triumphs and downfalls unfold within the company and Belfort’s slow downward spiral.

There are moments where the film delves into Belfort’s psych whilst also flirting with a greater sense of his motivations, but fail to bubble to full potential as the film gets distracted by its over-the-topness or over-reliance on long dialogue driven scenes. It’s a shame as it would of provided a further captivating insight into the character.

The film itself also suffers from pacing issues and story structure with the film sometimes feeling disjointed with segmented sections of scenes sometimes delivering hilarious laugh-out-loud moments to just plain out randomness, along with moments of pure dull dialogue.

The cast on the other-hand is superb and work well with the film’s material especially Leonardo, Jonah Hill (Donnie) and emerging Australian actress Margot Robbie (Naomi). Leo and Margot also share some undeniable chemistry together and are bound to make audiences mistake them for a real-life couple.

Leonardo (Jordan) and Margot (Naomi) share an undeniable on-screen chemistry..

For a film with such anticipation and acclaim The Wolf Of Wall Street sometimes seems to fall into what it doesn’t want to, of being familiar to other films of its genre. Don’t be too off-put by this though if you just want to enjoy a flick during the blockbuster dry-spell as this film does offer some fun entertainment along the way despite its whooping runtime.

Overall Rating:
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