The long awaited review – ‘Yonce’s self-titled album “Beyoncé”.

Beyoncé has dazzled the world with her surprise new album and shocked the audience with its sophistication and beauty, making it forgivable that she gave no hint of a new album being released. With one of the first of its kind, this video album is not only setting an example for her class mates, however she has created a new generation for music albums yet. 

There is not one song that is not catchy on this album. Yes, you can sense a feminist ring in her music; especially the first anthem song featured “Pretty Hurts”. Even though this isn’t the best song on the album, all albums which empower women must start with an anthem. Not only do her lyrics and music reflect this, her sexy videos which accompany each song reveal the notion of women on top.

Each song on this album has a variation of sound and tones. Her spiralling vocals are hypnotising which makes it almost relaxing to listen to. Even though her voice is controlled and soft, the beat is usually strong and attentive. This balance of sound and tone makes this album much more than what it is.  Each song provides an element of surprise as one moment the song could be soft and compelling which then turns to strong and powerful. Both are opposite sides of the spectrum, but somehow Beyoncé has seemed to make it work in her favour. 

Unlike Christina Aguilera’s “Dirty” phase, Beyoncé seems to do “hussy” with an element of pizzazz! One song to look out for in particular is “Blow”.  Not gonna lie – this song makes me want to put on a pair of disco pants and go roller-skating, as the rhythm and beat of this particular song enchants you to what you imagined the ‘70s disco era to be. Even though this song is a little…*ahem* sexy, the beat is catchy and empowers women to be open and comfortable within their sexuality and desires. 

If you haven’t done so yet, grab a copy or hit up YouTube to not only listen to the album, but to watch Beyoncé celebrating womanhood and making us all jealous of her sexiness. 
 10/10 for sexiness.
 8/10 for the long awaited album. 

I forgive you, ‘yonce. 
– SilvP

Beyoncé is available to purchase on both iTunes and in-stores NOW.