Dallas Buyers Club (2013) Film Review

If there was ever a movie to fly under the radar it is definitely Dallas Buyers Club.  Directed by Jean-Marc Vallee and based on a true story, Dallas Buyers Club will take you on an emotional journey throughout. 

 Played by Matthew McConaughey, the audience is introduced to Ron Woodroof, who is an electrician and hustler in Dallas. After being diagnosed with AIDS, the movie revolves around Ron working his way around the system to help patients suffering from AIDS to get the medication they need. With the unlikely partnership with Rayon, a transvestite who is also suffering from the illness, Ron is able to build up a clientele within the gay community assisting those who are in need of the medication.

Dealing with issues such as death, unconventional friendships and homophobia, it is not quite a coincidence that a movie like this is released in a culture where same sex marriage is still an issue today. Based in 1985, the movie show cases “olden day” uneducated mentality as AIDS was not a well-known sickness and seen as a disease only for homosexuals. We watch Ron struggle as he strives to fight for his life and others who are affected and also the struggle within himself to accept his illness and to overcome his own homophobia.

After 6 years of putting his acting career on hold, this performance is a definite “welcome back” for Jared Leto by winning a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.  So it’s only right that the stand out performance in this movie is definitely Jared Leto for his portrayal of Rayon. Having lost 30 pounds for the role, his acting is sincere, authentic and realistic. You cannot help but to connect with Rayon as he embodies the character so well. 
Jared Leto’s performance of being a transvestite is so natural that it becomes unnatural to see him in his accepted male form. This happens in the scene where Rayon visits his father for a loan and he is no longer dressed as a woman however in a suit, making it the first time we view Rayon in this way. Not gonna lie – this is very uncomfortable to watch! Jared Leto play’s the part of Rayon so well that we almost forget that Rayon is actually a man.
Not only is the acting incredible, however the filming technique and the soundtrack bring out a realistic approach to the movie, entwining an unforgettable experience for audiences. The usual medium shots and sound help the audience connect with the characters, however it is the beautifully shot angles and the attractive lighting in each scene which really highlight and celebrate the art of film. 

Nominated for 6 Oscars, this movie is one which will resonate with you to the very core. Not only is it realistic, however it is also something all audience members can connect to. The movie represents the common man dealing with common struggles. Also, the portrayals of characters by Matthew McConaughey, Jenifer Garner and Jared Leto remind you that there are talented people out there who are not celebrated enough! 

I haven’t stopped thinking about this movie and you won’t either! Celebrate it with me and grab tickets on the 13th of Februrary 2014. Trust me – this is definitely the movie of the year! 

9/10 stars.