Revenge 3×06 “Dissolution” Recap: Emotions Begin To Boil

Was it just me or was Revenge much more emotionally deep last night in terns of drama?.. something largely welcome and refreshing from the show.

Check out all the highlights below:

Source: ABC

1. Nolan reveals to Jack his secret.. Jack now knows that Nolan is part of real Amanda’s inner-circle, it was actually quite emotional as the two discussed ‘the broken hearted’ girl with each other as they both understand Emily’s true intentions along with the frustration of her Revenge agenda.

It’s nice to see others confide in each other over Emily’s secret, it’s refreshing and allows us to see others perspectives on the whole thing.

2. Patrick has left the building.. It was inevitable, after all Charlotte couldn’t take the blame for something she didn’t do for the rest of her life (we wouldn’t mind though after her current behaviour) so everything came crashing down when Jack revealed the news to Conrad himself (Harsh!). He also foiled Emily’s plans due to its unexpectedness which made her lose it at Nolan.

The only ones were feeling sorry for though is Nolan who started getting attached to Patrick and yes Victoria (even though we love to hate her) for losing her close son yet again.. I’m sure he will be back eventually, I’m still uncertain if his a good guy yet though.

3. Charlotte becomes Victoria 2.0.. Ouch that was cold firing Daniel’s ex like that! She’s now on a path to bring down Emily as she becomes sick of her hypocriticalness.. She also got the ex to work at the Grayson’s compound in hopes of getting close to Daniel again. Victoria 2.0 anyone?

4. Daniel’s old flame returns.. Charlotte managed to bring back the ex Sarah, and last night we saw the chemistry spark between them again.. I think Emily has some competition now as Victoria and Charlotte will strike target to bring down the wedding with this new ex in town.

5. Emily struggles to balance the agenda and loved ones.. We saw vulnerable Emily yet again as Aidan and Emily got cosy with each other yet again, she also had probably the most deep argument with Nolan over his needs and her selfishness, something we needed to see as Nolan can’t be this “robot” follow your orders type of guy.

Emily then came to terms with Jack knowing Nolan knows and felt sad realising that she will need to leave them behind as she disappears forever! Oh, and she revealed that she wants Victoria to kill her alter-ego! But I still think she will feel bad eventually and somehow stay in the Hamptons (that’s my theory anyway)

Overall Rating:

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