Lady Gaga – ARTPOP Album Review (Track by Track)

It’s been 2 years since the most innovative woman in pop had gone missing.. The question now is if ARTPOP gives her back that rightful title? 

The answer is YES! She’s back and with a vengeance.. 

Check out the full track by track rundown of the album below:
1. Aura: The whole song is structured in a unique way, with eastern influences and strong lyrics on religion and feminism questioning the foundation of women and there conflicting selves. 4.6/5
2. Venus: This has Gaga written all over it, the whole song is pure uniqueness.. It’s fun, it’s catchy and makes you want to jump on the dance-floor, it has a classic 80’s galaxy TV show vibe.. I LOVE it. 5/5
3. G.U.Y: This is a dance sort of track, Gaga’s quite playful with her vocals on this one.. the chorus is catchy but it feels kind of disjointed.. Overall it’s still a good club track, it might be one of those grow on you type of songs though 3.8/5
4. Sexxx Dreams: The studio version is almost as identical to the iTunes Festival version, and yes it’s as amazing and hell of a catchy as it was! The lyrics delve into something many keep hidden, that is cheating with your mind.. Ofcoarse Gaga isn’t afraid to go there (this is why we enjoy Gaga’s music as much as we do). 5/5
5. Jewels & Drugs: Versatile Gaga is back on this track as she attempts to infect the rap and RnB world, and she succeeds with the use of famous urban-ers such as T.I, her chorus is also catchy and reminds me of her collaboration with Wale’s Chillin. It’s also pretty short, so if this style of music is not your thing it flies by.. 4/5
6. Manicure: I really liked this track from the iTunes Festival and the studio version just makes me love it even more, it’s more of a rock style song with a bit of español styled guitar strings. It’s pure pop perfection with a classic hook and chorus that will be stuck in your head for days! 5/5
7. Do What U Want: The next single that overrode Venus was a perfect choice due to it being more radio friendly as Venus is a bit more of a risk on impacting radios. The song itself is laid back and catchy as Gaga slips into her urban persona with controversial R.Kelly who also adds something extra to the track. It also has a strong message on mind and body, in that the mind and soul is untouchable no matter what you do to the body. 4.5/5
8. Artpop: Welcome to the Gaga cult that is ARTPOP, this is another amazing track on the album and a perfect theme song for the album as it’s everything that the album is.. it’s unique, hippy and fresh and the chorus will remain with your soul long after you hear it! Go Gaga! 5/5
9. Swine: Probably the darkest track on the album as Gaga repeats the lyrics “your just a pig inside a human body” as Gaga touches on the ugly side of human beings, the beat is killer and overall the song is a dark fun ride. 4/5
10. Donatella: A critique on modern elitist lifestyles, something Gaga does amazingly well. It makes fun of the lifestyle and hypocritical nature it can be plus the whole song itself is technically perfect in the way it’s structured, clever hooks and a killer chorus that makes you want to fist-pump. 5/5 
11. Fashion!: This is a great follow up to the previous track as it touches on the same topic but in a more chilled way as Gaga delves into her favourite topic of fashion (very The Fame era days). I like it but it can get a bit tiresome as the song goes on. 3.5/5
12. Mary Jane Holland: Welcome to the joint that is MJH (Mary Jane Holland) as Gaga takes us down a trip through her experiences with Cannabis. It’s something she has been open with for ages, so it’s fun to take a look into what she may experience while on a high, the song itself takes us on a high with its infectious beat and hook. 4/5
13. Dope: Previously known as “Wanna Be With You” from the iTunes Festival we now have Dope.. and its just as deep and personal. It’s ballad Gaga at her best, kind of reminds me of “Yoü And I”.This one will get fans swaying in their car (when their car is parked of coarse) and at concerts. It’s nice to see a stripped back Gaga sometimes. 4.5/5
14. Gypsy: A bit ballad, a bit pop, a bit Highway To Unicorn mixed with Hair from the Born This Way era.. I love it, it’s catchy, fun and gets you bopping especially when the chorus kicks in! The breakdown is also everything you could wish for as Gaga blurts out quickly “My-my-my”. The album by this time has already slayed me a bit (aka alot). 5/5
15. Applause: The perfect first single that introduced us to the ARTPOP era that got us clapping for her return. It showcases being in the spotlight in that Gaga can not be anywhere else but entertaining us and us loving her for doing it! The song of-coarse is no doubt catchy and applause worthy and will live on to be a big anthem for fans. 5/5

OVERALL: A perfect comeback for Gaga that delves into the true unique persona that she is by giving us a variety of sides of her within one 15 track album, something many artists can struggle to do. ARTPOP is as what the title hints at, a unique experience in modern pop culture and by this I say it’s good to have you back Gaga!
Overall Rating:

ARTPOP will be available to purchase on iTunes and In-Stores worldwide November 11th.
Pre-Order it HERE.