Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne (Track By Track) Album Review: Pure Avril Goodness

Avril Lavigne returns with another solid album, full of catchy and emotional tracks reveal everything that is Avril Lavigne.

Full track by track review below:

1. Rock N Roll: The second single off of the album failed to achieve the success it deserved, but it’s still an epic track from Avril as she channels her inner old school rock-star, something seen in her ‘Sk8er Boy’ days. It’s hell of a catchy tune too, so props to Avril for bringing back Rock N Roll! 4.7/5

2. Here’s To Never Growing Up: First single off the album is an instant classic as it again follows the opening title of being catchy, fun and classic Avril. While not as classic as her old stuff, it’s still a nice throwback to those days again. 4/5

3. 17: Cruising down the street, pumping the radio during the summer is what I immediately thought when i first heard this. It’s pure bubblegum pop from Avril as she talks over young teenage love.. Ofcoarse it’s nothing inspiring but it is something nice to chill back and enjoy an ice-cream with. 4/5

4. Bitchin’ Summer: Another catchy track makes way to our ears as Avril manages to rhyme and repeat the chorus of “It’s gonna be a Bitchin’ Summer’. It can get tiresome though after a few listens, but will be a instant summer smash if it’s released as a single. 3.8/5

5. Let Me Go: Flashback to old ‘I’m With You’ Avril era on this track as we get a stripped back vulnerable Avril as she touches on the pain of letting go of someone, and not wanting too. Her hubby Chad Kroeger even appears on the track and also adds to the inner ballad of it all. 4/5

6. Give You What You Like: This track is by the far the stand-out of the album as it gives off a emotional Avril once more whilst serving some of her classic ballad style, it’s cleverly written, rhymes and flows effortlessly as she breaks into the hook “When you turn off the lights”. It will also be stuck in your head for days and make you want to break out in song whenever you listen to it. 5/5

7. Bad Girl: This song would of worked without Marilyn, I don’t know it just seems disjointed whenever he appears with his deep darkish voice. Avril’s verses are fun though, but gets repetitive as the track goes on. 3/5

8. Hello Kitty: Now this is something different for Avril, a nice touch to see her take a break from her usual style on this track as she explores a dub-steppish, dance and sort of K-pop sound..strange enough it works! It’s catchy, fun and playful at the same time. 4.3/5

9. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet: Another ‘Sk8er Boy’ sort of track but since we heard much of the same from Avril, this is a little unfresh and feels a rehash of what we’ve heard before. 3.3/5

10. Sippin’ On Sunshine: This sounds very similar to the track before it and is no doubt a fun song to sing along too during the summer.. but again offers nothing new that’s not already on the album. 3.3/5

11. Hello Heartache: Avril works best when she strips back all the rock and focuses on the more emotional side inside her (I even think she likes it over her rock side). This song is another ballad blended with a bit of pop rock once the chorus kicks in. The verses are everything too with it’s infectious emotional lyrics, plus those ‘la la la’s’ also give more life to the track. 5/5

12. Falling Fast: Another ballad song arrives as we near the end of the album, it’s another swayful and deep Avril track. It’s a nice song but becomes a bit repetitive and fails to live among the stronger ballads of the album. 4/5

13. Hush Hush: A good choice to close the album with a ballad as the first half was rock Avril, it’s another good ballad but not one of the stronger ballads that appear on the album.  3.7/5

Overall, it’s ironic that the albums name is Avril Lavigne as it embodies everything Avril is by showcasing her old-school self, her experimental side along with her deep and emotional side.  If your looking for something different from Avril you might be a little disappointed with the album but if your an Avril fan you will no doubt love this.

Overall Rating:

‘Avril Lavigne’ is available worldwide on iTunes and In-stores.

Listen to her latest single ‘Let Me Go’ Below: