Arrow 2×04 “Crucible” Recap: Revelations In Under An Hour!

Arrow unveiled allot in under an hour this week, below is a quick recap of all the note-worthy highlights..

Image: CW

1. The Black Canary Revealed.. And it’s Sara Lance, guess many of us were right.. even though Sara’s actress has changed (did anyone notice this as much as i did?). She’s in town to protect her family, well thats what she told ‘Ollie’ after revealing her identity. The question though is just what her true intentions are? And why was she on the island with Oliver?

2. Laurel Loses It.. This week we saw her spiral out of control over Tommy’s death yet again after going on a random date, drinking and driving and then to pill popping and wine mixing.. Things are not looking good for her right now! Will this lead her to become The Black Canary somehow?

3. Sebastian Blood is evil?.. This was probably the major shocker of the night with the guy that usually bugs Oliver and this week giving him some philosophical advice on the crucible ending up being a evil Scarecrow-type of guy.. What is he doing? Is he evil or is he just a even more ruthless version of Oliver?

Sin is now friends with Roy and Thea after her run-in with a shooting by The Mayor.
Felicity again looked after Oliver this episode (that shaving scene was another cute moment for Olicity fans) and she also crossed wires with Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau).. I sense some heated moments in the future!

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