Week In Review Recaps: Arrow 2×02 “Identity”, HIMYM 9×05 “The Poker Game” & The Originals 1×03 “Tangled Up in Blue”

It was a big week in television, if you missed out on the whirlwind of new episode we’ve got you covered with this quick little recaps.

Arrow Season 2, Episode 2 “Identity”

Image: CW

Top Highlights

1. Felicity continues to be here feisty self (those coffee refusals were amazing, also how cute was it that she actually made one at the end?

2. Roy is now on ‘Team Arrow” or is he? Oliver finally gave him a real job of being an insider on The Glades.. oh and he gave him a red arrow (cue epic music)

3. Laurel is a bad b****.. well at least she’s unaware of it though. She’s out for blood to avenge Tommy’s death and blames Arrow for everything… leading her to capturing him (ouch!). We’ve kind of never seen her like this, but i’m not complaining as it gives her a complete new side.

4. Yep Slade’s jealousy over Shado & Oliver is now obvious.. it is yet another step i guess to the dark side?

Overall Rating: 

How I Met Your Mother Season 9, Episode 5 “The Poker Game” 

Image: CBS

Top Highlights

This was a pretty uneventful episode so here’s just two of the highlights of the night

1. Barney’s dirty jokes thrown at Robin while she stresses (which happens pretty much every week)

2. Robin vs. Barney’s mum was sort of fun i guess?

Please bring back the mother now show showrunners!..

Overall Rating: 

The Originals Season 1, Episode 3 “Tangled Up in Blue”

Image: CW

Top Highlights

This show is crazy fun, props to the TVD writers for successfully setting up a new bunch of stories!

1. Rebekah and Klaus’s scenes together never get old, they just have that crazy argumentative brother-sister relationship on-screen and I love it, so it was nice to see them try and work together this week.

2. What is up with Nadina? She has a connection to Marcel and has a vendetta against The Originals?!? The questions is why? And just why is she so important?

3. Those closing seconds had me waiting to see just what Paige is carrying, its something freaky deeky though judging by the witches reaction.. I was expecting the translator to reveal what she said but guess not.

4. The love triangle between the ordinary human and two supernatural beings has returned as Klaus continued to show interest in Marcel’s new gal.. Just putting it out there but Klaus has more chemistry with her then Marcel.

5. Bring back Elijah already.. Also its weird that his still doing voiceovers while laying in a coffin. its nice to know though that he was right about his brother.. there is good in him! That smile at the end over the baby being a girl proves it.

Overall Rating: