The Vampire Diaries 5×03 “Original Sin” Recap: Amnesia takes a toll!

TVD was on-par with its season premiere once again this week!

Here’s a full rundown of what went down this week..

Image: CW
1. Katherine Peirce finds a friend in.. Elena? Whattaya say about that?. I love the show for giving her the cure, it has allowed for us to see her in new light and finally allow the selfish character to grow a bit. And what better way to allow her grow then make friends with former annoyance Elena? 
Elena revealed that she gave her the cure to find a deeper self which made Kat feel something new towards Elena.. that she actually cares! It was also nice to see Elena protect her from being killed by the Travellers (which she failed). Here’s to more Elena & Katherine scenes!
2. Stilas’s crazy ex-wife.. Ofcoarse Sila’s ex-wife Qetsiyah is just as crazy as him, she wants revenge as he stole the immortal cup (Mortal Instruments anyone?) and abandoned her for yet another Nina Dobrev lookalike (yes there’s a 3rd doppleganger). She was particularly coniving for holding Stefan captive and using him as her voodoo doll to get to Silas plus it was revealed that she implanted those dreams that Katherine and Elena were having. Despite her bitchiness, i think it’s something the show needs right now as Katherine slowly starts to transition into a new reformed self.
3. The love triangle in full swing again.. But it has actually found some greater relevance again. Yes the destiny card played between Stefan and Elena has returned but with the added cycle of life.. in that the Stefan look-a-likes have always got with the Elena look-a-llikes, so it literally means a doomed relationship for Damon (who reflects Silas’s crazy ex Qetsiyah). 
But for some odd reason i read this scenario differently and began to realise once again that Katherine will be Stefan’s true love while Elena will remain Damon’s.. (well thats my theory anyway). I hope it plays out this way though as it will bypass any dreadful predictable endgames.
4. Matt a vehicle for a Traveler? We found out just what was up with Matt this week, apparently he is being used by the woman named Nadia to bring back her partner Gregor through Matt. Once again, lets hope this goes somewhere interesting otherwise Matt will go back to being a bore.
5. Stefan’s lost his mind.. (Literally) Two CW shows right now have this plot device going on (yes I’m pointing at you Beauty & The Beast).  I think this will also do good for The Vampire Diaries though as it will sort of allow a greater exploration into the destiny love plot and maybe see him click with Katherine again instead of Elena when trying to regain his memories.
Side-Notes.. No Bonnie, Caroline or Jeremy last night, wonder what there up to. Let’s Hope we see them back again next week.
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