The Vampire Diaries 5×02 “True Lies” Recap: Coping With Changes

This week’s The Vampire Diaries dealt with the changes from the premiere and last season with many characters coming to grips with what they are now!

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1. Bonnie chooses to delay her death coming out.. Death is a difficult subject, especially when your dead yourself and no-one else (even we can’t imagine that happening) so once Matt sort of crossed over to The Other Side we again saw Bonnie’s more vulnerable self over losing her father last episode and coming to reveal to others about her own death.. Matt told her to spill the truth to the others but she revealed to Jeremy that she is still not ready. I really hope we get Bonnie back somehow in the future, or will we truly be saying goodbye to her soon?

2. Katherine continues to struggle as a human.. It was funny seeing her yet again on the opposite side of manipluation as Jeremy and Matt held her captive. And what do you know we actually saw her show some humanity last night as she came to the rescue of helping Jeremy from Silas!
Also is anyone picking up a potential hook-up between Katherine and Jeremy, there was way too much tension between the two last night.. If i’m right this is sure to be awkward!
3. Matt now a certified hunter.. After all your not really a hunter/traveler until you die with the ring on for the first time right? Well last night we saw that as he met Bonnie in a sort of Other-side limbo in which Matt forgets once he returns back to earth. I really hope this story goes somewhere this season, as Matt deserves a bigger part this season compared to his lacklustre stories in previous seasons..
4. Caroline flirts with idea of new love.. Is she finally moving over Tyler? Caroline started getting over Tyler’s ignorance of her despite still resisting the temptation to get together with her new young college guy Jesse (who coincidentally is also suffering a major breakup). But can we trust this new guy? Or does he have a hidden agenda?
5. Stefan returns as the ripper? Yes those closing scenes hinted that Stefan has returns out of his punishment set upon him by Silas, but is he himself or the muchly-feared Ripper? Judging from that dead-body this is not going to be pretty!
Side-Notes.. Who are these new travelers? And what does the main girl (leader?) want from Silas? What is new Dr. Wes Maxfield up to?. Also, how funny was Damon’s walk in on Caroline (Damon’s classic random walk-ins). Finally, I won’t talk about the Elena/Stefan/Damon stuff again in this episode as it’s the typical thing we’ve seen rehashed yet again..
Overall, a nice-follow up to last week’s exciting premiere. It was not as great as the premiere as it tended to re-emphasise the new developments we saw last week instead of moving it forward and spent a little too much time on Elena’s choice of the Salvatore brothers a bit (but what is TVD without this storyline though?). Let’s hope things pick up a little more next week (judging by the promo it will).
Overall Rating:

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