The Vampire Diaries 5×01 “I Know What You Did Last Summer” Recap: College Offers New Life To TVD

TVD is back… and better than ever!

Here is a recap of the top highlights of the premiere..

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Stefan (ahem Silas) is bad to the bone.. His after Katherine and will go to any cost in doing so including threatening Caroline’s mother and killing Bonnie’s dad in the process (way to shock fans by the episodes end TVD writers!)

Also we got a sense that Elena is connected to the real Stefan (underwater) somehow with those random flashback of a conversation with Damon.. unless we were made to believe it that way in the way it was edited.

Bonnie is still …. a ghost. Yep, we found out that she’s still dead and that Jeremy is still the only one who knows. Kind of sad that she’s getting the bad side of the cake nowadays, hope she gets some sort of happiness this season.. I also wonder how much longer she can keep her death a secret.

College horrors.. I love that we get to see Caroline and Elena form a closer bond with each other, it was something missing in recent seasons due to the blundering love triangle focus and the heavy amount of ‘Originals’ content.

I’m already invested into this new Gilbert mystery.. what was up with their roommate? She had vervain in her protein water, she died/committed suicide and somehow managed to tie in with Elena & Jeremy’s Dad?, Is he still alive?.

There are already so many questions.. which of coarse is a good sign.

Katherine’s desperation.. It’s good to see a new side to her as she must cope with being human, we also kind of feel bad for her now as Silas is on the hunt for her. It was nice to see her rely on others this time and also see her in a state of confusion due to her being unsure if she can return into her vampire form. Let’s hope the writers take the chance to explore new territory even further with her as the season goes on.

Matt is no longer a bore.. I already stated that Rebekah was the best thing to happen to him last season, and now that she’s onto ‘The Originals’.. the writers had to come up with something quick to utilize this character. Utilize they did though.. His new biggest development is that his now involved in the supernatural world! (This should be interesting). And just who is this new woman in his life?

Overall a strong return that offered a taste into new developments to come. Now that ‘The Originals’ have left the building we can now focus on the main candidates of the show, it strips everything back and allows us to see just how well the show can do on its own.

Overall Rating:

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